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  1. My first off roading with Cyberbeast... impressed!

    Based on the direction of the plants in the background the camera was tilted :-) seems only a 10% pitch
  2. Has anyone received the 2024 Spring Software Update Release for their CT yet?

    Seems Tesla has started to roll it out and I'm wondering if any CT owners have gotten this update yet?
  3. High Battery Vampire Drain

    Owning my CT for over a week now I'm concerned with the battery drain.. overnight in a matter of 12 hours it will loose ~3% battery!! From looking at the energy overview it's mainly due to "standby" .. I really hope Tesla will fix this, if I'm going out of town for a two week vacation i...
  4. $130K BEAST… no homelink?

    It's bizarre the CT doesn't come with Homelink - even MyQ might me an option for some, it doesn't cover gates etc.. and requires an internet connection to open your garage - if your internet is down you can't open it! I hope they will introduce a homelink module for the CT
  5. January Orders

    Picked up my CT! CT AWD RN: 11284XXX Ordered on 1/23 VIN 0033XX on 3/8 (45 days after ordering) Picked up on 3/25 (17 days after VIN) Location: Northern California So far I'm super impressed - this thing is AWESSOME! Delivered in perfect condition, no issues what so ever. Couple (minor)...
  6. Delivery timeline/process question

    I tried to call Tesla today to see if they could tell me where my CT is but after being on hold for 20 minutes I gave up... Interestingly when I look at my documents, one of the documents is called "Delivery Configuration" and has an Odometer value on it - 15 in my case... If VINs are...
  7. Delivery timeline/process question

    So i've received my VIN last week for delivery in CA. Couple questions that I hope this group will be able to answer In the app I cannot schedule a delivery appointment - will this be available once the CT is at the dealer or when it's in transit? Can I check somewhere the status of it? I...
  8. January Orders

    Just received my VIN! RN: 11284 Ordered on 1/23 AWD VIN: 033XX Picking up at Gilroy CA 45 days from ordering to receiving VIN - now i'm waiting for a delivery date :-)