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  1. Kuiper__Belt

    Aftermarket Aero Covers where are they?

    Where are your aftermarket versions of CT aero covers? I want to see some radical designs! We have no idea how long Tesla is going to take to rework their covers. The longer they take the more you'll make... Just saying :LOL:
  2. Kuiper__Belt

    xLights & LightShow Creation Help

    If anyone here is a xLights guru I would love some help/advice. I'm making my first LightShow using xLights and I was wondering if there is a way to copy and paste timestamps (I think that's the correct name). Example below.
  3. Kuiper__Belt

    Newbie EV questions

    As I “patiently“ wait for my cyberbeast, I figured I might as well ask best practices questions about owning an EV. I also invite other newbies to post their questions here as well if they want. My first question is should I plug it in every single night when I get home from work charging to...
  4. Kuiper__Belt

    WeatherTech Accessories

    I emailed WeatherTech about cyber truck accessories and got the following email. I I’ve submitted a product request for all product types, but then specifically in comments talked about floor mats, bed mat, fronk mat, and windshield sunshade. If y’all are interested in whethertech products...
  5. Kuiper__Belt

    VIN assigned on weekends?

    Has anyone got their vin assigned on a Saturday or Sunday? Just wondering if I can give myself a break from looking at my email/Tesla app every hour lol.
  6. Kuiper__Belt

    FYI for Mississippi & Alabama CT Preorders

    Just got off the phone with my local Tesla store ( and was told that 2 CT AWD were delivered and picked up this week! The gentleman I talked to told me they found out they were getting them about 30 minutes before they were delivered! I...
  7. Kuiper__Belt

    Accessories for Cybertruck

    I searched for an accessory thread but couldn’t find one (sorry if there is an existing one). And I hope unplugged performance is ok with this. Please delete if not. Just thinking it would be nice to have a centralized place for people to share useful accessories and other CT related merch they...
  8. Kuiper__Belt

    What is everyone’s height?

    Hey y’all so I’m 6’6” my wife is 6’1”. I’ve talked to a guy on Facebook that is 6’9” (my brother-in-law’s height) and he said he fit. Which is kind of hard to believe but I’m wondering what everybody’s height is especially those who’ve at least sat in a cybertruck truck or own one. The angle of...