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  1. PilotPete

    University of Nebraska and AP prove they hate EVs, picking on trucks first.

    First, here is the article… Here’s one (of the many) flaws with that study. The state that the “system was not made to handle vehicles greater than 5,000 lbs. And then they go connect...
  2. PilotPete

    Trailer options for your Cybertruck...

    Was talking with a friend about CES, and learned about this trailer. Not my thing, but it actually looks interesting and the way they have the glass come down at an angle, it has a CT design look. (ok, a CT with that white wrap maybe...)...
  3. PilotPete

    Haters gonna hate… [LOCKED DUE TO POLITICS]

    I didn’t want to post this on any existing threads because anyone that had posted on there might think I’m talking about them. And while I am actually talking about them here, they don‘t know which them I’m talking about. Ever since the announcement, there apear to be more and more people...
  4. PilotPete

    Tesla at LA Auto Show

    At first, I thought the CT might be there. Then I saw the dates, and realized it is before the announcement, so I doubt it will…
  5. PilotPete

    Nov 30 Watch Party in OC?

    I wanted to see if there is an interest for a watch party and/ot after party in Orange County on the 30th. Interested???
  6. PilotPete

    Tesla Drive-In and Diner

    From TLDR... Tesla's drive-in restaurant is finally taking shape (3 minute read) Construction for Tesla's 1950s-style diner and drive-in movie theater Supercharger station has begun at 7001 West Santa Monica Blvd in LA. Tesla is rapidly constructing a planned 1950s-style diner and drive-in...
  7. PilotPete

    WE HAVE DIMENSIONS! (of the cyberspoon)

    Ok, sorry if I got you all excited. I promised that when I got my cyberspoon, I’d give it the complete once over with the micrometer, Here are the answers!
  8. PilotPete

    What/who do you watch for Tesla / Cybertruck updates?

    I know John of Cleanerwatt is on here, so I’ll give him some props right off the bat. But beyond him and this board, do you, and if you do, who do you watch on YT to get Tesla/CT/EV updates? (And who else is on here?) In addition to CW, I watch Joe’s overflights (I know he’s here too)...
  9. PilotPete

    Model 2 ($25k model) & Robotaxi will be Cybertruck inspired -- according to upcoming Musk biography

    We thought the CT offspring would first be an SUV or maybe a van. Guess we were wrong. The word is out that the new Model (2) and RoboTaxi are CT inspired. Tesla’s $25k car and dedicated robotaxi will be Cybertruck-inspired: report...
  10. PilotPete

    4680 charging issues???

    A couple of MY 4680 owners are saying the new cell is slower charging than the old batteries. I hope Cybercell 2.0 doesn’t have these issues… Thoughts???
  11. PilotPete

    Rear View/Blind Spot monitor interest?

    As we know, the CT is going to a 48V low voltage architecture. Interesting thing is, Power over Ethernet (PoE) is also nominally 48V. This may or may not be implemented in the CT, or it could be CanBus, or considering Elon, Can-i-Bus. Either way, I've found a supplier of 7.0-12.3" monitors...
  12. PilotPete

    Hyundai having some issues..

    Hyundai is having issues with acceleration.