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  1. Wolfgram

    Cybertruck windshield washer fluid leaving white residue?

    I’ve not ever noticed that. Maybe there is contamination of some sort? I’d mention to Tesla service on your next visit… We did a slo motion video of the cyber wiper on my truck… you can find it on i1Tesla channel on YouTube. No residue.
  2. Wolfgram

    PowerShare equipment failures

    We got that update on Cybertruck already. Is there a software update on the PowerShare equipment too?
  3. Wolfgram

    Introducing the MARSACCS Cybertruck Pet Cover for Dogs & Pets – Share Your Thoughts!

    Not worried about claw-proof materials… just design this cover to go over the head rests front and back. That will also keep it from falling better. I’ve had a similar design in my model 3 and it worked great!! Plus, dogs won’t chew the headrests. 🤣
  4. Wolfgram

    PowerShare equipment failures

    Well, after 4.5 months of waiting I finally got my powershare install today. Except the hardware doesn’t work. Installer said it’s the 7th or 8th one from Tesla (out of 13 installs) that didn’t work. This sounds like a real problem to me… anyone else have similar experience?
  5. Wolfgram

    Introducing the MARSACCS Cybertruck Pet Cover for Dogs & Pets – Share Your Thoughts!

    We have CATS… need a cover that protects the headrests of back and front seats!! Claws are hard on upholstery!!
  6. Wolfgram

    Wheel and tire discussion: what is really the difference?

    I have the AWD and top speed is 112mph. Only restricted to 85 if someone has purposely turned on the speed limit option via the app.
  7. Wolfgram

    Buggy software version?

    Yep. Forgot to mention the Sentry mode error and FSD visuals. 🥹 thanks for the tip! 👍🏼
  8. Wolfgram

    Buggy software version?

    I just update to 2024.14.11 and this is the list of what does not work any longer: auto cancel turn signals Blind spot warning LED TACC cruise control Lane departure warning seems like all of the features that use cameras stopped functioning. I tried rebooting, no improvement. is anyone else...
  9. Wolfgram

    375 Wh/mi average energy consumption over 1,156 miles (after latest software update)!

    The CT seems to be very efficient when driving consistently at highway speeds between 60-65. I hope the numbers are real, but I haven’t done the reverse math myself… This is a screen photo of 180mi trip at 375 Wh/mile … even at 75mph. 🤓
  10. Wolfgram

    375 Wh/mi average energy consumption over 1,156 miles (after latest software update)!

    Yep, it’s real. Got that and better in my AWD on a 2k-mile roadtrip. Just need to keep it under 70. 🥹
  11. Wolfgram

    Polished Cybertruck is stunning mirror in motion 🤩😎

    I don’t think so. It’s no different than polished chrome bumpers, trim, and even the reflective glasses used in modern vehicles.
  12. Wolfgram

    CyberBeast Delivered and a couple of questions

    1. Red light on charger is an error. Try on another level-2 charger to determine if it’s the handle or the internal charger. 2. No free charging unless you refuse the home power share installation. Few cases of limited free charging (1-2 months) if power share install is delayed by Tesla.
  13. Wolfgram

    Door/wiper issue

    Yah, that looks pretty severe for both the wiper performance bed liner condition. Motor noise is normal in CT, I thinks it sounds great! But, if it is loud and weird, it’s worth having service check it out.
  14. Wolfgram

    Suspension dip after start

    I’ve noticed this once or twice. No biggie… and it makes me very happy to know that Tesla can tweak and update things like this over-the-air!! I chalk it up to the air system being new and highly configurable. 😎👍🏼
  15. Wolfgram

    Halo UNSC Razorback Cybertruck! 🪖

    What did it cost you for the wrap? Custom printer, or a pre-fab?
  16. Wolfgram

    Cybertruck Performance Brakes coming soon? Spotted in Service Manual

    Really? the regen on CT is MUCH more aggressive than my 2018 M3P! 😬
  17. Wolfgram

    Halo UNSC Razorback Cybertruck! 🪖

    This is the funnest wrap yet!! LOVE IT. 😍
  18. Wolfgram

    Wrapped in Inozetek Spectrum, tinted 20% and ceramic coated

    I think it looks a lot like mine in bright light… 3M High Gloss Deep Space Flip. However, mine often looks dark and menacing like the second photo… is yours the same?
  19. Wolfgram

    Revised wheel covers spotted?

    Those appear to be the covers from the road tires (high efficiency version tires).