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  1. Hand Polished Cybertruck! (Not Chrome Wrap)

    Looks amazing! This is definitely not legal though. If it were, then you would see a lot more fully chrome-plated vehicles driving around.
  2. Sadly the FUD is winning.

    Nope. The media knows that Tesla gets clicks. Their FUD is all about greed and potentially being own by companies that are supported by fossil fuels. Also people don’t even read articles, they just react to thumbnails and headlines, which are purposely written to be clickbait. It’s sad. Just...
  3. Unplugged Performance Cybertruck with Invincible® HD Parts

    Whoa! That thing looks gnarly as hell. Eat your heart out Mad Max.
  4. Kid dropped iPad down tonneau cover slit.

    I love these stories. They’re the hopeful wonder-filled side of technology that I enjoy hearing about. Maybe that experience will inspire him to become an engineer. Good stuff.
  5. Selling Cybertruck - approval from Tesla required?

    If you have a paper trail of your attempts to contact Tesla (phone records, email, etc.) I’d say you’re good to go, especially if you’re selling it due to economic hardship. Also as long as you’re not putting it on an auction sight and selling it for twice what you paid for it, you should be fine.
  6. ~915 Cybertrucks spotted at Giga Texas today 4/16/24 due to delivery hold (for accelerator pedal issue)

    I hope it resumes soon. Now I want to slow down as I pass the SC after work and see if there are any CTs in there. 👀
  7. ~915 Cybertrucks spotted at Giga Texas today 4/16/24 due to delivery hold (for accelerator pedal issue)

    What part of Ohio are you from? My wife and I saw a CT cross our path at Easton in Columbus, Ohio. I was driving and it happened so fast, so we weren’t able to get a picture. It’s very exciting to see one in person. Next time I hope it’s parked somewhere, so I can get a closer look. I’m not...
  8. What are teenagers problems with Cybertruck?

    They’re just teenagers. They love to hate stuff. They might think that Elon is a bad man, because he’s a better troll than they are. He also has more followers. I don’t know how we got to the point that if you like something, you have to hate everything else. No wonder everyone is so anxious...
  9. ~915 Cybertrucks spotted at Giga Texas today 4/16/24 due to delivery hold (for accelerator pedal issue)

    They just decreased the production line shift by 1 hour. They’re still churning out CTs.
  10. Finally in the Cybertruck Club! TLDR: AMAZING, GET ONE!

    Great review. Very thorough. Gotta love OTA updates. Your CT will get better over time, unlike ICE trucks. Just wait until they activate the locking diffs. 👀
  11. Tesla Cuts 10% of Global Workforce

    It’s true. Not great news. I’m sure they wouldn’t have been cut. I wonder why they weren’t rotated to SpaceX or, like they’ve been trying to do with the engineers when they get burnt out?
  12. Gloss Anthracite Vinyl Wrap in Florida

    Man, that color choice really brings out the angles. Sharp! Literally and figuratively.
  13. Shattered snow camouflage Cybertruck wrap

    Love seeing a wrap that isn’t just a solid color. The possibilities are endless.
  14. Candy Blue Wrap + Black Pillars

    The two-tone (blue and black) is sharp.
  15. Cybertruck V2 Range 500-640 Confirmed Possible - Battery Compartment Space

    I watched the Munro Live video on the battery reveal and I got the impression the extra space was a safety feature to prevent puncturing the batteries, especially when off-roading. Is that not the case anymore?