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  1. WormtownKris

    Cybertruck Hit & Run Accident on Freeway 😡 Help ID This Mustang!

    Wow. CyberTrucks leave a pretty big doughnut on the door when you sideswipe them! Good to see it hold up so well. Rubbin's not racin' when you're on the highway. And rubbin' a CyberTruck is not a good idea! Good luck catching this clown.
  2. WormtownKris

    Lock Sound Volume - Really Loud Now! (Setting)?

    Tesla engineers on the forum probably got sick of the complaining that the volume of the sound was too low. "We'll show them!" 😀
  3. WormtownKris

    Officially changed my order to non-foundation

    Yeah, but his res is RN #11285XXXX. He's not cutting to the first non-FS. If they restart ~at the top, that reservation number is a ways down the pecking order. There will be a much higher take rate for the non-FS at the better price point.
  4. WormtownKris

    Anyone experience this metal on metal bang....

    Are you familiar with the sound of the battery pack flexing? I am wondering if that could be what you heard. This is a common occurrence on the Model 3, and I would expect there would be some carryover to the CT. This can be a very loud and disconcerting noise the first few times you hear it...
  5. WormtownKris

    90% cancellation/postponement rate?

    And that was ~4 years after production began. There will probably be test drives available in 2027.
  6. WormtownKris

    No Idea Where's The Problem From ...

    Key card in wallet is a good idea. I think I've only ever had to use it once, but it is good backup/peace of mind. Our 2018 Model 3 does not always sync up with our phones. I believe it has something to do with the garage just being at the edge of our home's wifi network. I have found with...
  7. WormtownKris

    Update on "Early Delivery for Long-Term Shareholders" Program

    Sometimes it's a TOS violation, such as an out of line personal attack or obscene language. Sometimes it's someone who got caught lying and/or having multiple aliases to deceive the forum. Have you noticed any other old faves with a similar style of misinformation who aren't searchable anymore? 😉
  8. WormtownKris

    TFL on Tesla's Cybertruck cutting line shenanigans

    Maybe they're the authors of the "FutureTruck" account that had been spamming this forum lately. Sounds like the same MO. 😁
  9. WormtownKris

    They shipped my Cybertruck to the wrong state

    Hauling, are you sure it isn't once you submit your order? I have the invite to configure but am holding off till after the FS run concludes. I checked on both phones, and I do not see that anywhere on the app. Where does the delivery center appear? Thanks.
  10. WormtownKris

    So something is wrong in Austin ... CyberTruck backlog

    It was well publicized that they did a limited time offer to let folks jump the line if they turned in a high number of referral credits. (30K?) It wasn't a direct "here you go" to the YTrs and influencers, but who accumulates the most referrals by pimping out their referral codes all the...
  11. WormtownKris

    Cybertruck still in Tesla Center Surrey Vancouver ?

    The CT display locater on says it is at: 860 Main Street, Unit D3 West Vancouver, BC V7T 2Z3 I believe that list is crowdsourced but cannot verify its accuracy.
  12. WormtownKris

    So something is wrong in Austin ... CyberTruck backlog

    They accumulate on the west side delivery lot over the course of the week, and dissipate over the weekend. There could be a bottleneck with available transport trucks/drivers, but those CyberTrucks do move on over the course of the week. And note that while I've seen up to 8 Model Ys on a...
  13. WormtownKris

    CT manufacturer flaw - Should I reject it?

    So we could consider this a "nip slip?"
  14. WormtownKris

    Brake Malfunction; hit light pole

    Agreed. I don't think a troll got on the early list, paid for one and bogusly wrecked it on purpose. I do think it is looking more likely that it was user error. And it is human nature to want to convince ourselves and others that we did not screw up, so it must've been the truck's fault...
  15. WormtownKris

    Brake Malfunction; hit light pole

    If you've seen the latest Jalopnik hit piece, or the various negative Electrek articles, you'll acknowledge that the lazy anti-Elon folks troll thru this forum to pull out perceived negatives, often out of context ("All CTs are already rusting!!!") and use the unvalidated experience of one...
  16. WormtownKris

    First 9 Miles Driving Home From Dealer: Regrets? First Impressions: Things I Dislike, Not Sure What To Like.

    Nah. It's a subconscious motor skill thing. I don't even think about it. Getting to my street, I let off the go pedal at a certain point, coast down to a slow turnable speed, etc. Usually, the only time I hit the brakes is if the car is really cold or at the start of a trip where we've...
  17. WormtownKris

    First 9 Miles Driving Home From Dealer: Regrets? First Impressions: Things I Dislike, Not Sure What To Like.

    Crissa, You just have to feather onto and off the pedals. It's not supposed to be 100% and 0%. With slight practice it is very smooth. You will be able to slow to a stop without hitting the brake, and everything will be smooth and nothing close to motion sickness. Just takes a bit of...