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  1. JerryRigEverything: How far can the CYBERTRUCK tow 11,000lbs in Freezing Weather?

    Looks like only a battery with capacity about 200kWh would qualify the CT as a truck
  2. Foundation Series Remorse

    That is exactly the public opinion. And Tesla should know about it. BTW increasing the length of a battery element 4680 by 40 mm Tesla could have the battery capacity increased by 50% without any extender. Yes, it is difficult, but the solution exists.
  3. Foundation Series Remorse

    It is not a complaining, but rather a fair criticism. Well deserved btw. There is always some hope that Tesla will react on a public opinion.
  4. Cybertruck wrapped in Platinum mirror PPF paint protection film

    That coating may soon be scratched with swear words :unsure:
  5. Tires: All-new Toyo Open Country A/T III EV targeting Cybertruck (and other EV pickups)

    My SUV came from Japan with Toyo tires. Wery good tires with excellent grip, but went worn three times faster than Michelin.
  6. Satin White vs. Satin Black Cybertruck

    Just waiting for a cover making the CT invisible :unsure:
  7. Privacy

    Do you worry if your car is spying on you? If your car is monitoring how do you hold the steering wheel, would it see a bit more? If it is watching where do you go, what you say, what you eat, whom you kiss? Is it safe to discuss your business matters inside? I bet the foreign spies will prefer...
  8. Cybertruck Range: Losing the Story

    Extending the 4680 element to 120 mm could increase capacity by about 50%. That would elevate the floor by 40 mm only. Sweet dreams...
  9. Cybertruck Range: Losing the Story

    I wonder, is there a chance that Tesla increases the size of battery pack for CT? Without that I can't get rid of impression that CT is a very expensive toy
  10. 🌲 Pine Green Wrap Cybertruck Completed (3M Vinyl Wrap)

    It is the hunter green. Driver is ready to go hunting bears
  11. Side Mirror Removal How-to DIY Video Instructions (English Version Added)

    Probably some foreign hackers go deeper and closer to FSD. One day your CT may drive from you on it's own
  12. Side Mirror Removal How-to DIY Video Instructions (English Version Added)

    At 1:57 you can see a slot at the end of upper surface of ss door
  13. Fender Flares remove easily from Cybertruck (video) & satin black wrap installed

    Why the first to break something new are the Russian speaking guys? :unsure:
  14. 24 Cybertrucks (+ Matte Black) Completed & Sitting at Giga Texas! 📸 [12/13/23]

    Nice custom sizes. The short ones in the front rows are probably for kids?
  15. New Cybertruck crash test clip posted by Tesla (@Cybertruck) -- 12/12/23

    As for me the Ford's performance looks more vibrant and bouncy :unsure: