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  1. Why the ONE FINGER salute for the Cybertruck?? Top 10 reasons for the hate!

    So far I have seen 2 birds. One was a white guy in a dodge charger. He was probably about 40. It was one of those cars that makes so much exhaust noise. I assumed he was mad that he wasn’t getting the attention mommy never gave him. There was also a 40-50 year old white woman in a honda SUV...
  2. Musk says Foundation Series ends soon and non-FS starts next quarter. Production goal of 2500 units/week by end of year

    If they make 10k Cybertrucks a month by the end of the year then they should catch up pretty quick. Not sure how big the market is for a vehicle that costs 80k. I guess we will find out soon.
  3. Haunted? After tinting windows the drivers door opens on its own!

    Yep that darn tint ghost! At least he seems to go away after drying off. Mine never did it again after that night.
  4. Tomato sauce vandalism

    The world would be a better place if people put this kind of energy into doing good things. I guess that’s no fun though. I’ve been flipped off multiple times while driving. Funny it never happens when they are outside of their car.
  5. Musk says Foundation Series ends soon and non-FS starts next quarter. Production goal of 2500 units/week by end of year

    Eventually production will be more than the amount of Foundation Series purchased so that's when they will switch it. They must be seeing the amounts of FS ordered drop off. Makes sense that the first month or so of pre-orders would be the people who want it now. I think it's kind of amazing...
  6. Would you buy a Cybervan?

    Really depends on price. And will it be 5 years from now? Lots of questions still. I just got a new work van so depends on timing I guess.
  7. 3 future Tesla models teased by Musk -- Cybervan? Cybercab Robotaxi? Model 2?

    The van info got leaked before, it was supposed to be on the Cybertruck platform. No idea if that has changed. But I'm assuming a large van will be made since that is a market they could dominate. Admin addendum -- link to previous Tesla Van info...
  8. Open glove box option is weird

    I added mine to the left scroll button since you have to use the screen to close it usually
  9. Rear view mirror is dangerous!!

    rear view mirror with screen would have been nice. Maybe they figured it’s another part to replace if it breaks. They like to use the main screen as much as possible.
  10. A friend with RN115016xxx (May, 2021) just got a FS invite

    Thats awesome that they are moving through the list so fast! Hopefully they will be done with FS at the end of the year and start going through the list again.
  11. we may be closer than we think to the end of the foundation series upcharge

    Yeah when the price drops the orders are going way up. There’s probably at least 50k trucks that will be ordered.
  12. Received “invitation” to order Foundation Edition - strange?

    It was still 4 years ago when you placed the reservation. So they aren’t really moving fast. But seems like there were less reservations in the after time of the first reveal in 2019. And the RNs are mixed with other Tesla products so it’s hard to know how many there really are. If you want FSD...
  13. I’m RN# 11323XXX My place in line is 495,744. How is this possible? Is everyone cancelling?

    I think Tesla will collect the extra 20k as long as possible. They still have Canada to do too.
  14. A kid threw a rock at our truck.

    Thankfully here in Orlando it has calmed down significantly. No more honking to roll the window down, or trying to take videos while driving. Seems like they are all bored with it and must have seen multiples.
  15. A kid threw a rock at our truck.

    That's cause you are in CA and everyone has seen it there. In Florida it has started to die down but it was crazy the first couple months.
  16. A kid threw a rock at our truck.

    yeah it was like a special club but now there’s too many members lol
  17. When will the Foundation Series END?

    We have no idea how long this will go on. But as far as the price, the ones listed on teslas site are still estimated. So who knows what the regular price will be. It’s not for sure that it will be 80k.