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  1. SlegMD

    Slide-In Bed Protector

    Spray-on not work for OP use case? I just imagine having 6x4x2-3 leaning against garage wall when not in use would be… tedious and the wife would be mad. Sounds like you would use it enough for this to not matter, so that might answer your question
  2. SlegMD

    3M Brushed Metallic Titanium Wrap Installed

    I wanna laugh because the cost incurred to look similar to stock…. But I can’t because it looks damn nice. Enjoy 👍
  3. SlegMD

    For Those Waiting for Non-FS Cybertrucks -- Here's the Flip Side to Consider

    Yep, same boat. Most of these additional “features” are valueless to some.
  4. SlegMD

    Cybertruck crash vs. Lexus

    Nah dude I blame the driver.
  5. SlegMD

    First 123 kWh in the books! 344 mile range?!?

    Depends on the other variables… speed? Type of travel? Weather?
  6. SlegMD

    I had no choice! I had to cancel my Cybertruck order today.

    Pick ups compromised for less efficiency by adding fuel capacity to get ‘the job done’, obviously. It’s an option that should be addressed to be considered a truck. Tesla is using a generalized paradigm approach for their vehicles (regarding capacity) that I feel does not properly address the...
  7. SlegMD

    I had no choice! I had to cancel my Cybertruck order today.

    You know forum fellas, while I agree the OP is fairly aloof and deserves some criticism I do feel there is an edge of fact here that the CT is obviously less efficient than other Tesla models and will burden long distance travel in some capacity. I wish you all had higher bars for features and...
  8. SlegMD

    Bad PPF Install

    Well everyone- Flex shield don’t flex
  9. SlegMD

    Jerry rig everything does 24k Real Gold Cybertruck

    Dang thought this would be for memes but it looks sleek as f———!
  10. SlegMD

    Use Sprayway Glass Cleaner for cleaning fingerprints off Cybertruck stainless steel

    Been using for many year, good find regarding the application to CT though as it had not registered😉🤯
  11. SlegMD

    CT Power loss in parking

    Sounds like Tesla using ct to mine bitcoin
  12. SlegMD

    I’m starting to get cranky…

    I’m guessing Kim Kardashian’s chauffeur is driving your truck bro My uneducated sarcasmic response.
  13. SlegMD

    Getting under a CT’s skin (sail)

    Looks like a cybertruck fossil, if I knew what that looked like 👍
  14. SlegMD

    Rusted Out Cybertruck

    You should park on the FUD reporters lawn now
  15. SlegMD

    Cold feet

    If you’re looking for an out already you should at least wait for non FS
  16. SlegMD

    I’m the problem, it’s me

    Yolo bro I pledged I would never pay over 100k for a vehicle, and I am trying to hold. This was 15-20 yrs ago, maybe I need to revise. Ack no, that’s the weakness talking.
  17. SlegMD

    They shipped my Cybertruck to the wrong state

    Pay em the money and give ‘em the finger regarding registration
  18. SlegMD

    Integrated Light Bar on employee Cybertruck at Coachella!

    Still waiting on slim version
  19. SlegMD

    Cybertruck protected me from pellet gun shots on highway [⚠️ ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    @armywildcat I did something similar back in my pre-adult days, to a sheriff 😗. Paintball gun. Get em booked because they’ll just do it again, that’s how I learned. You’ll do them a favor, in many ways.
  20. SlegMD

    Cybertruck vs. Ferrari response from public

    Ignore the plebs. people who act this way are projecting their inadequacies.