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    Center Wheel Covers Back In Stock!

    After a long wait, many of our center wheel covers are back in stock!
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    $15,000 Faraday EMP Cover for Cybertruck

    I just I came across this article for those who may be interested. You can protect your Cybertruck or any other vehicle from an EMP, RF attack, or natural solar storm phenomena. This is not for sale on, but I'd like to know your thoughts on it. The Cybertruck needs to...
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    Tactical Grey Interior - Real Life Images [Photos]

    These were taken from a Cybertruck reveal video about 5 months ago and appears to be in Tactical Grey.
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    Looking for a volunteer in the Cleveland area!

    Hi everyone! We are looking for anyone around the Cleveland area who has a Cybertruck that would be interested in receiving a free set of our covers in your choice of color (when released) in exchange for allowing us to measure your Cybertruck for precise fitting of our cover system. Like so...
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    Color Covers Update!

    We are about to begin the prototype testing phase of our quick change wrap alternative that will allow you to switch the color of your Cybertruck anytime you wish. For those of you who have been wanting more detail about how our upcoming product works, feel free to ask here. We've successfully...
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    Cybertruck / CyberBeast Lifestyle & Apparel Items!

    While you wait for our products that will cover your Cybertruck, we offer cool apparel to cover your body. We also have wall art and other decorative items to cover the walls of your garage, home or man cave! These items are in stock and ready to ship...
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    Frunk liners, bed liners and more!

    New products introduced. I'm looking forward to getting these. So many folks already have scratched up frunk floors even after the first few days of ownership...
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    New T-Shirt Design!

    I had this crazy idea last night while falling asleep. Today, I made the design a reality. I've owned a Lamborghini Countach and a Hummer, and both of those vehicles added together create a Cybertruck. It's CyberMath! So here's my funny design on a T-Shirt. We have the same design embroidered...
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    CybertruckCovers saying hi! Introducing quick change reusable color cover kit & more parts / accessories for Cybertruck!

    In case you've overlooked us, we are developing a quick change, reusable color cover kit as a wrap and PPF alternative. We are hoping to have an announcement later this week about how our product will work. In the meantime, we have an extensive selection of Cybertruck inspired items, including...
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    Owner experiences steering and brake failure

    Not sure if anyone posted this yet. This is pretty frightening if true.,loaded%20onto%20a%20flatbed%20truck.
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    Place in line deterimed by current Tesla ownership?

    I just heard today that our reservation numbers are somewhat irrelevant and the place in line depends primarily on region, affiliation with Tesla, or if you are a current Tesla vehicle owner. I'm an early reservation holder but have never owned a Tesla. Does this mean my early RN (112806) is...