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  1. Jhodgesatmb

    Phone won't connect using BlueTooth

    I have been wandering through the settings on the Cybertruck and thought I'd try to play music and/or call on the phone and I cannot connect using Bluetooth. I turned Bluetooth off and on again with no luck. The truck can see the phone but will not connect. There is no issue with seeing the...
  2. Jhodgesatmb

    Wind noise on RHS at delivery

    When I picked up my Cybertruck I noticed that there was obvious (and unexpected) wind noise above about 65 mph and, if there is actually wind, then more like 45 mph. Only on the passenger side. The driver's side is whisper quiet. I have set up an appointment for Tesla to check it out but am...
  3. Jhodgesatmb

    CT Regen Settings?

    I have been wandering through the settings looking for things and I cannot find the regen strength setting. Does anyone know where it is or whether it was removed? Thanks.
  4. Jhodgesatmb

    Cybertruck head rests?

    Has anyone seen or heard of Cybertruck headrests or Tesla headrests for the Cybertruck?
  5. Jhodgesatmb

    Upper light bar image on Tesla Cybertruck accessories page but no light bar accessory?

    I was looking at Cybertruck accessories on the Tesla shop today and realized that they show, using an image animation, several of the known accessories, but they show the upper light bar which is not a known/current accessory. Gee it would be great for Tesla to offer it as an accessory to FS AWD...
  6. Jhodgesatmb

    Dimensions of the Tesla vault cargo bin containers?

    I was looking on the Cybertruck accessories page on the Tesla shop and realized that I do not have, nor can I see, the dimensions (outer or inner) for these containers. Does anyone know? If so can you please post?
  7. Jhodgesatmb

    Cybertruck frunk organizer?

    Has anyone heard of anyone making a Cybertruck frunk organizer? I was measuring the size of the frunk at the local showroom the other day, and as many have lamented there is no way to hold things down up there. It occurred to me that maybe a frunk organizer would be a good idea. Maybe a small...
  8. Jhodgesatmb

    Out the door price of FS AWD in California?

    Hello, I am starting to prep for an eventual Cybertruck delivery and I recall seeing on the forum someone posting how much the FS AWD was out the door (including taxes and registration) in California, but I cannot remember where it was posted. I seem to recall it being in the $110K range...
  9. Jhodgesatmb

    New tire insurance on new FS Cybertruck?

    We were driving around talking about what comes with the FS and my wife asked whether it comes with Tesla Tire Insurance. I got a new set of tires in January and paid the extra fee for the peace of mind for our winter cross country trip. Do new CTs (or other Teslas) come with 1-year tire...
  10. Jhodgesatmb

    Polestar 4 digital rearview mirror

    Teslarati just ran an article on the Polestar 4 mirror: It would be nice to have something similar for the Cybertruck.
  11. Jhodgesatmb

    Post FS Ordering - end of invitations?

    As a reservation holder that hasn’t been invited to order an FS Cybertruck I have been thinking about what ordering will be like after FS is done. Mostly this thinking started when Tesla stopped FS invitations. Anyway, I see no reason why Tesla would continue the invitations in a post-FS world...
  12. Jhodgesatmb

    Some Tesla centers now allowing visitors interior access to Cybertruck (i.e. Tesla Colma)

    I just went over to Tesla Colma and their Cybertruck was only partly roped off. After clandestinely touching it, opening the door, and releasing the tailgater I asked if I could get inside and they said “yes”. They did not know for how long this will be allowed so I took full advantage off the...
  13. Jhodgesatmb

    Rearview camera washer - needed?

    I watched one of the review videos and it showed the rearview view and it wasn't clear at all. I can easily imagine the rearview camera getting smudged a lot (my Model Y rearview camera gets quite dirty on road trips for example), but with the Cybertruck this is the only rear view when the...
  14. Jhodgesatmb

    Add employee vs non-employee to 'orders' table?

    I was watching Tesla Daily and Rob seemed to believe, or at least suggest, that Cybertrucks have so far only gone to employees. Is that other people's take? It would explain a lot. Might we consider adding a column into the orders table to indicate whether someone is an employee or is that too...
  15. Jhodgesatmb

    How to check for change in account sans email invite?

    Ever since we heard that people were seeing their accounts change to allow configuration/ordering without getting an invitation, I have been going to my Tesla account online every hour or so, selecting my Cybertruck reservation's 'manage' button and then selecting the 'manage' button inside that...
  16. Jhodgesatmb

    What happened to our [old] reservation numbers in this new world of AWD and Beast?

    On Thursday I, and others, saw the new specs and pricing come up for the Cybertruck on the Tesla order page. Nothing was said there, or since, about our existing reservation numbers. In a panic I put in another order, wanting to make certain that I would still have a choice and some kind of...
  17. Jhodgesatmb

    Saw my first Cybertruck today!

    On my way home today I saw a Cybertruck on Highway 92 coming down from Skyline or perhaps from Half Moon Bay. I was SO excited! Unfortunately, 92 in this location is a windy mountain road and 1 lane in each direction so there was no way to get a picture or video. I know that Cybertruck sightings...
  18. Jhodgesatmb

    'Master Candidate' Cybertrucks reportedly spotted at Giga Texas [updated w/ photos]

    Updated 9/25: Original post 9/23: This was posted by Joe Tegtmeyer on Patreon (and maybe X?) yesterday. I see some visual differences in this Cybertruck instance but the truck is far away and they may be a visual illusion. Potentially good news if there is any truth to the rumor...
  19. Jhodgesatmb

    What is this with GigaAustin tours?

    Seen on Electrek this morning: I would like to think that buying a Cybertruck and picking it up at the factory would entitle us to a tour without jumping through extra hoops - especially after going through this...