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    Three electric pickups walk into a bar…

    What will be the range of the fourth? Rivian R1T range is 314 GM Hummer is 343 FORDe Lightning is 270 Tesla Cybertruck ___ Is it Go Big or Go Home, A Mileage Match or something else?
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    Cybertruck reportedly getting better stainless steel material -- from 30X s.s. to 304L

    Scuttlebutt via Youtube asserts Tesla have found a better stainless steel for Cybertruck. Yes, s.s. better for Cybertruck production, environment, longevity and use application the 304L purportedly solves 30X problems. Tesla welds embrittle overtime in 30X. The tensile skin brittles which...
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    EV energy expect 25% demand growth

    Stanford study posits that by charging EV’s at home we’re doing it wrong. At least, at the wrong time. An over abundance of energy riches from RE(wind, solar) are being squandered on California‘s grid. Due to electricity rate structures from a time before solar and wind, current grid growth no...
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    Video: Tesla Cybertruck can reach 50% margin

    Youtube clip just out projecting pricing elasticity means demand for the EV pickup could make Tesla 50% profit margin.
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    Musk's battery promise: Inside by Reuters

    One article of two published today quote sources, in multiple, that the 4680 battery ramp isn’t ready for production, yet. Tesla have achieved ½ the expected savings it promised just by physically switching to the new, larger sized form factor. The problem is the other ½. Scaling to production...
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    EV “small battery” quickness betters Big LiON battery…

    Battery news reports battery makers see BEV mfgrs building different vehicles than LiON. Top of the list is RANGE – Consumer’s #1 purchase anxiety. Next LiON CHARGING time, availability and demand are critical already. Lastly, CHEMISTRY, raw ingredients, which LiON battery makers are currently...
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    TSLA at peak BEV?

    Ridiculous. Tesla has 3 Gigafactories machines and more planned. How could BEV peak when It hasn’t started yet? Today I got my first electric bill moving into all-electric accommodation ’cuz AGW. This put my billing into a $0.154 kWh rate. Keep a long story short its ~ equal to paying gas and...
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    Tesla files building plans for diner

    This filing is in Hollywood. Cleverly, it’s sited on Santa Monica Blvd.. A two story rooftop serves inside-outside Calif. vibes with drinks up or down and will carhop meals to chargers for in and out efficiency. The application documents variances, zoning changes and code exceptions Tesla...
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    Most important EV of the decade: Lightning

    FORD Lightning article by Artechnica writer, so impressed by a one-time drive, gave it headline treatment. I am on record liking the Lightning design integration and innovations added to the pickup form factor. Lightning sales win FORD “Happy Days”. It‘s FORD EV narrative. It’s effective design...
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    “ Cult of Elon” tag Cybertruck owners

    Hit piece put up yeterday challenges whether Cybertruck even matters anymore. Lack of production amid all the fanfare that the Tesla design created is driving an argument in the article that Elon’s use of the vhicle has passed. Seen as a shot across the bow by OEM automakers Cybertruck was a...
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    Tesla wins Kelley Blue Book “Best Overall Luxury Brand” award for 3rd year running

    Didn’t know Elon owned “luxury” space, too. Kelly Blue Book is a consumer facing automotive pricing guide for the USA. Concurrently, Tesla received Kelly Blue Book “Best Value” and its “Most Refined “ award in addition to “Best Overall”. All three; awards in “Luxury“ class! Any one award…ho...
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    Samsung Elec picks Taylor, Texas as new $17 bln U.S. chip plant site

    Samsung are spending more than TSLA in Austin TX - $7B more on a new fab-plant in Taylor TX than Tesla $10B. Taylor is minutes outside Austin. Industrial Development modifiers for greenfield construction have been 7X multiplied throughout a local economy. In the case of GigaAUSTIN this is going...
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    TSLA & CATL popup factory starts producing batteries in under three months

    Tesla‘s battery supplier of choice have utilized an existing building in which to erect new battery manufacturing close to Shanghai in record time.. Specifically for GigaSHANGHAI it is projected CATL’s new popup factory will produce 70GWh at full capacity. CATL in 3 mos. time have achieved 40%...
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    Is Thundertruck the offroad SUV iteration after Cybertruck

    Interesting render off Cybertruck forgoes utility and goes all-in on an enclosed cab roamer. (shown in Salt Lake mud flats apparently) IS full size SXS the future? That’d glass ceiling “Sport Utes” from going into automotive were Tesla to build one.
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    Mother gives birth to 'Tesla baby' while vehicle drives on autopilot B’etcha didn’t expect that! What will we see next? “Cybertruck saves a life…drives man to hospital after heart attack with Tesla Full Self Driving”? That’d be full self rescue(FSR)
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    Video captures massive tree falling onto Tesla Model 3 glass roof

    For those concerned about glass roof structure holding up… …all occupants walk away uninjured Not even Tin Tops hold up that well!
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    “Brittle AI” surfaces in vision-based training systems

    USAF target-recognition test reveals AI self-reported 90% accuracy verification only valid 25% in a cross-check of sensor-based AI. Driverless car settings are referenced. It fortells that unless the training data includes enough angles, perspectives and instances for the explicit target(label...
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    Tesla popup factories to speed Cybertruck to market

    Rather than spend years building new Gigafactory for millions of Cybertrucks why not pop-up smaller plants? Why wouldn’t Tesla convert an existing plant to Cybertruck? Model Y clearly owns GigaAUSTIN production originally reserved for Cybertruck. Even were GigaAUSTIN to ramp Cybertruck...
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    Source Server fun. Second server reported error Is it too much to ask? What is wrong with a manual override?
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    -FSD- Marche of Nines

    What if…it is true that avoiding accident by computational intelligence and artificial automation is reinventing driving, reinventing the way driving fails or succeeds by artificial foibles, algorithmic prejudice and weak or false data-based simple “do not crash” directive? Elon’s turn of phrase...