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  1. wtibbit

    Software update 2024.20.1 -- AUTO HVAC improvements for hot weather. The A/C cools down the cabin faster, and maintains comfort at lower noise levels.

    This summer will probably be the hottest yet. Hopefully, this software update will help keep us comfortable. Mine is updating now. (edit: now finished.)
  2. wtibbit

    Easy Mod to Secure Items in Frunk

    Here is a simple, low cost, low impact DIY to attach a storage net to the frunk interior. This really improved the utility of the frunk for me and is completely reversible with no holes, glue or any other change to the truck. All you need are six binder clips and an envelope style net. A...
  3. wtibbit

    New Cybertruck Owner - Initial Impressions

    I've had my Cybertruck for 10 days. Aside from two minor quibbles I haven't found anything about it that is a disappointment, and many things that were much better than I anticipated even after (or sometimes because of o_O ) reading about other owners' experiences. The better than anticipated...
  4. wtibbit

    I got my "Your Limited-Edition Foundation Series Cybertruck is Ready to Order, and Ordered It...

    I had decided back in December that ordering a Foundation Series CT did not make sense for me. An extra $20 for some badging, some trim and accessories that I didn't particularly want or could get for less from the aftermarket, FSD that seems like it will always be not-quite-ready, and the...
  5. wtibbit

    Let's Talk Exterior Ramps, but first: Vault Load Height in Squat (or Kneel) Mode

    I'll be regularly hauling equipment that will fill most of the vault volume with items weighing as much as 130 pounds. Most of the heavy items are on casters are will be moved with a two wheel dolly. It would be most helpful if I could use a ramp (or ramps) to get this gear in the vault with...
  6. wtibbit

    If There Is No Middle Front Seat Option, Might Tesla Offer It Later? Can One Be Added Aftermarket?

    It appears that the CT will not have a middle front seat or a "jump seat" like the one that was (is still?) an option with some Ford F-150's. I've seen a number of comments here from people who require or really desire a vehicle that seats six people. I wonder if the CT will ever come with a...