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  1. FutureBoy

    Protection film installer recommendations - WA - Puget Sound

    Has anyone been using any PPF installers in the Puget Sound area? Anyone have any recommended companies? Would like to get a quality install without having to pay top $$. Also thinking about window tinting and UV protection. So beyond just the companies to use, what specific products should I...
  2. FutureBoy

    Garage parking action! Cybertruck fits into standard townhouse garage in Sunnyvale (before & after photos)

    Just found this video about garage sizes. Lots of good info about the sizes of garages versus the size of the vehicles.
  3. FutureBoy

    I just LINE-X'd my Cyberbeast Cybertruck (bed spray liner on bed + rear hatch)

    Wouldn't want to be drilling holes... But it looks like one could fit a few smugglers cache's in there. Problem would be accessing them. In the case of a smuggler it would be fine. But for someone just wanting some extra pockets of storage, one would need to figure out ways to access the space...
  4. FutureBoy

    I just LINE-X'd my Cyberbeast Cybertruck (bed spray liner on bed + rear hatch)

    Agree. I also wonder if the Tesla bed accessories will still be able to fit correctly after the line-x?
  5. FutureBoy

    Side Mirror Delete Kit installed from CYBERTRUCKco today

    Apply a 2-way mirror surface to the camera lens. Looking at the surface will act like a mirror. But the camera will still show what’s happening back there.
  6. FutureBoy

    3M Brushed Titanium Wrap keeps stainless steel look without fingerprints

    Camo for the F350 in what is about to be a sea of CTs. I'm already starting to see CTs in the wild about 3 or 4 times a week.
  7. FutureBoy

    Side Mirror Delete Kit installed from CYBERTRUCKco today

    It’s not just legacy auto though. Space companies, traffic planning, tunnel boring, mining, power grid, etc. Additionally all the “normal” people who lust after super cars, rice rockets, hot rods, etc. My point of view is that till EM came along, this philosophy of the best part is no part was...
  8. FutureBoy

    Side Mirror Delete Kit installed from CYBERTRUCKco today

    If it was common sense, all the companies would be doing it.
  9. FutureBoy

    Side Mirror Delete Kit installed from CYBERTRUCKco today

    Keep going and eventually you get, “The best truck is no truck.” I heartily disagree there. Now to find the degree of commonality. Where do we draw the line between a best part missing and a missing best part?
  10. FutureBoy

    Remote speaker and mic?

    A while back, I remember a feature added to Tesla vehicles where you could use your phone app to listen and talk to people outside your vehicle. This was useful when your car was parked somewhere away from you and a sentry mode alert went off. Does this feature exist on the CT? I haven’t seen...
  11. FutureBoy

    My first Cybertruck knick-knack

    I was at the Bellevue WA Tesla store yesterday helping a family member. While we were there talking to the reps, they gave us each Cybertruck logo wrist bands. It's the stretchy rubbery kind and it happens to be a little bit small to be comfortable on my wrist. But still. It's the first official...
  12. FutureBoy

    FSD at drive through

    I've recently been noticing many, many people that don't seem to know how to use a fast food drive through correctly or with any sort of sense. It got me thinking though. How does FSD currently handle traversing a drive through process? And once we start having robotaxis with no steering...
  13. FutureBoy

    Window Tint off-road.

    With all the crazy mods people have been making to their new CTs, has anyone tried smart tint yet? I'd love to see the smart tint in action. Also would love to use it on my CT someday. Hoping there is an easy way to hook it up to the 48V system.
  14. FutureBoy


    I actually saw a CT out and about in Kirkland, WA on Monday this week. Had the new paper plates still and looked to be registered in WA. It had a black wrap. My wife saw one the week before also with a black wrap but she said that one had CA plates. It was in Mt Vernon area for the tulip...
  15. FutureBoy

    CT Specific Accessories

    Was just reading this thread. I've now seen a few different makers with accessories "made for the CT". All of the external attaching accessories though seem to just be the same kinds of accessories as other trucks get with CT specific attach mechanisms and power connections. The one issue I...
  16. FutureBoy

    Cybertruck windshield wiper deep dive, with slow-mo video

    Now we need to see someone take this to snow and ice country. I'd like to see the wiper work in the morning after a snowfall and freeze. How much snow can it push off the windshield? If the vehicle is pre-warmed, will the ice on the windshield loosen up enough to get pushed off? Will the...
  17. FutureBoy

    Snow plowing

    For those still looking for a way to plow with their CT, you might want to look into what Zac and Jesse did to enable plowing with their electric F150.
  18. FutureBoy

    Is 4th Quarter 2021 a realistic delivery date for the Cybertruck?

    And it took us 18 pages just on this thread to get that realization.