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  1. Cybertruck 1974

    Wall Charger Installation DCC-12 needed??

    I have a contractor that wants to install this on my 2 powerwall, gateway, solar system in order to connect my Wall Charger. Has anyone seen this and had this done? According to Tesla it's not a part they spec and would be connecting the Wall Charger directly to subpanel of gateway. Any help...
  2. Cybertruck 1974

    First Cybertruck Swing Arm Spare Tire Carrier (by Wilco Offroad)!!

    Yup, I did it. First in the world. This company Wilco Offroad makes the only one that actually works and fits with no modification.
  3. Cybertruck 1974

    Error Codes, truck brakes, steering issues

    Had my share of errors last night. 2200 mikes...traction, stability, braking, steering codes come up and braking reduced to 50%, steering stiffer, throttle not responsive. Stopped and put in park. Put in drive and codes went away and truck went to normal. Charging now and will take to tesla asap.
  4. Cybertruck 1974

    Tesla is giving $700 voucher to buy wall connector charger (to setup Powershare Home Backup)

    I do not have a wall charger or any of that equipment installed. Disappointed not getting the equipment after first in January Tesla said I was approved. Now? Thank you for completing the Powershare Home Backup survey. Because you already have Powerwall installed, your home is on the way to...
  5. Cybertruck 1974

    Extract mode issue

    Every time I select Extract mode and try to lower the truck or try to put into any other suspension mode it does nothing. Each time to get out of Extract Mode I have to select drive and go faster than 10mph and it then lowers. Kind of an issue and if you've actually driven it in EM the...
  6. Cybertruck 1974

    CyberRak Roof Rack -- anyone installed or ordered one?

    Looking into making or purchasing a roof rack for my CT. this option popped up and was really the only one out there for now and the Tesla rack system is not a good fit for what I need. Anyone order or have more info?
  7. Cybertruck 1974

    Crazy how i got my vin#!!!!

    So I had my appendix removed a few weeks ago on 50th birthday. I was in the emergency room at 9am and in room #220. I told my wife I bet I get some communication about the truck 2/20 because it's been a while and I deserve it after this crap! So, Last night at 9pm on 2/20 I received my VIN #...
  8. Cybertruck 1974

    Anyone tried running truck in rear or front only?

    Has anyone tried running truck in rear or front only? Wondering if range will change?
  9. Cybertruck 1974

    Don't worry, You'll get Yours

    I had the opportunity to have a Foundation owner (thanks to my wife and owner) take time out of his day to bring his truck to my house to surprise me so I can see, touch and have the opportunity to see it up close and get a real perspective of the vehicle inside and out. I am 100 percent happy...
  10. Cybertruck 1974

    Power Share V3 Gateway to employees only at this time

    I asked a bunch of questions about this topic and with technician on site (Im having a second powerwall installed today) technician said the Cybertruck package for Home powershare and V3 are only being installed at employee based homes. Obviously we all know why. When the time comes any...
  11. Cybertruck 1974

    AM FM radio in Cybertruck?

    Do I have to stream radio stations? Or does it come with an actual a m f m radio
  12. Cybertruck 1974

    Dude, I'm Screwed!! Orders to Delivery, SLOOOOOW AF!!

    I just saw there are over 300 orders placed before my order December 22nd 2023 for AWD FS and only 12 have been delivered according to this Forums orders placed vs orders received content lists. So that being said, TWO YEARS at this rate and no, the ramp up hasn't started so that will impact my...
  13. Cybertruck 1974

    Received a second PowerShare Home Charging questionnaire now a bit worried order delayed

    Anyone else receive a second powershare questionnaire notice? A mistake on their part like this might delay my order as I submitted this in December?
  14. Cybertruck 1974

    Lockers confirmed but not yet available! "Locking Differential Controls Coming Soon"

    Well, another one bites the dust like FSD in Cybertruck. . Not available yet. Soo maybe trucks not available until who knows when. Let down. Provided info by Pablo Mendoza. Thank you for all your info.
  15. Cybertruck 1974

    Camp Mode -- heated bed / vault?

    So it states in camp mode the cabin temperature can be controlled. So, is that for the interior truck cabin or vault/bed area? Would be absolutely useless if it only was the interior cabin area. I can see so many, "Honey, I'm cold I'm going to sleep in the front seat. Me too dear, this tent sucks."
  16. Cybertruck 1974

    Do I need to order a second cyber truck

    I am a first day reservation holder and on my account i see i can order foundation serious but not the AWD non foundation series truck I want. FS won't go away. But if I want to order a new order for AWD cyber truck I can and it sys It will be delivered 2024. Should I order that now? Because I...
  17. Cybertruck 1974

    Dont order! Put the press to Tesla to drop Price!

    This guy said one thing, did another. 30k more?!!! Frustrated? Yep. What's 2, 3 months wait. Make them sweat! We can make that price drop by an epic massive move. DONT ORDER!!! It's what needs to be done. Right now can't even order what we want. Pressed to buy the 99k Foundation? No way. Only a...
  18. Cybertruck 1974

    Towing for Chevy and F-150 EV's

    Wish Cybertruck did this kind of testing. Tow something big, heavy and see how many miles it can go. Why not? Silverado EV 4WT F-150 Lightning ER Power 515 hp 580 hp Torque 600 lb-ft 775 lb-ft — — Battery 212 kWh approx. 134 kWh approx. Range est. 450 miles 320 miles Curb...