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  1. ModelAZ

    Matte Olive Green Vinyl Wrap Cybertruck (Avery Dennison SW900)

    Not mine but loving this Cybertruck in Avery Dennison SW900 Matte Olive Green Vinyl Wrap... very much a Halo look.
  2. ModelAZ

    Cybertruck in Deflate All suspension mode (Photos) 🤩 + PWF Matt Space Mugello Wrap

    Not my Cybertruck, but Jeremy Wright put his into Deflate All mode. CT looks amazing slammed 🤩 The wrap is Matt Space Mugello by PWF How to enter and exit Deflate All mode: Enter Service Mode Select car icon on lower left screen Select Software Press & hold then release the word "Model...
  3. ModelAZ

    Cybertruck Police Vehicle launched by Unplugged Performance UPfit

    Today, our UPfit Tesla division officially launches the world’s first Cybertruck Police vehicle ready to deploy to law enforcement agencies from here to Mars. This Next-Gen Patrol vehicle, expands the capability of this new platform for tactical response, patrol and Fire response. The future...
  4. ModelAZ

    Hand Polished Cybertruck! (Not Chrome Wrap)

    First hand polished Cybertruck I've seen.
  5. ModelAZ

    KPMF Matte Purple Black Iridescent Vinyl Wrap on Cybertruck

    KPMF Matte Purple Black Iridescent Wrap on Cybertruck
  6. ModelAZ

    KPMF Gloss Magnetic Black wrap on Cybertruck

    KPMF Gloss Magnetic Black wrap on Cybertruck.
  7. ModelAZ

    CyberTrailer solar powered self-sustaining RV trailer inspired by Cybertruck design Luxury Unplugged Introducing the All-New, All-Electric CyberTrailer Say Goodbye to RV Parks Forever Freedom from Utility Connections ‍ 100% Solar Powered F150, Rivian, and Cybertruck Towable Electric Tow Vehicle Charging ‍ Unlimited Water From Air...
  8. ModelAZ

    Director of Cybertruck manufacturing has left Tesla

    Renjie Zhu, the director of manufacturing in charge of Cybertruck production is no longer with Tesla. He announced on LinkedIn: After triumphing the epic launch of Cybertruck program and ramping the volume production line to the steady 1K/W throughput orbit for the past 16 months in GFTX, also...
  9. ModelAZ

    Ike Gauntlet towing test: Cybertruck vs F-150 5.0 vs Ram 2500 6.7 (by TFL)

    Tow comparison test. Cybertruck didn't disappoint against these heavy duty towing trucks.
  10. ModelAZ

    Shark Mouth P-51 Mustang Bomber custom wrap & modified Cybertruck (CyberBeast) by Unplugged Performance 🫡

    Check out this custom design wrapped and modded Cyberbeast by @Unpluggedperformance @UP_Frank :love::love::love::love: We themed this completely custom-designed wrap for @salomondrin after the iconic P-51 Mustang Bomber from the 40s and 50s with the famous ‘shark mouth’. Every detail was hand...
  11. ModelAZ

    Mirror Chrome Wrap Cybertruck! 🤩 😎

    First chrome wrapped Cybertruck I've seen wowww. VIDEO:
  12. ModelAZ

    Report: Tesla lays off entire Supercharger team! [Update: Elon Musk says supercharger growth will continue]

    Updated with Elon Musk's first comment after supercharger team layoffs: "Tesla still plans to grow the Supercharger network, just at a slower pace for new locations and more focus on 100% uptime and expansion of existing locations" News Article...
  13. ModelAZ

    Yellow front lightbar on satin black Cybertruck

    I like the combo! Yellow film on front lightbar paired with satin black wrap on this Cybertruck. Not my Cybertruck, but thought this was a cool look and wanted to share.
  14. ModelAZ

    Two Tone Wrap (Black & White) Cybertruck!

    First two tone wrap Cybertruck - black top, white bottom. Not mine BTW