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  1. greggertruck

    Cybertruck get together in Phoenix tonight, June 15

    Sorry for the short notice! If you wanna come out tonight, we’re getting together at 6:30 in Phoenix
  2. greggertruck

    Add Kanye West To The Pile Of Celebrities

    Kanye West has received his Cyberbeast!
  3. greggertruck

    CyberHammer UNBOXED!

    Limited Edition Tesla CyberHammer Unboxing! Unit 008 of 800!
  4. greggertruck

    Greggertruck Cybertruck delivery VLOG

    Did our best to enjoy the day, but also capture to share it with everyone too! I think we did decent! :) Enjoyed the confetti and the vibes Tesla Mesa 🤙 Appreciate you all!
  5. greggertruck

    My Cybertruck: Wrapped. Meet Truck Norris.

    if you’re in the AZ area and need anyone to put hands on your truck: it should absolutely be Dynamic Tint. They knocked it way way way out of the park.
  6. greggertruck

    Early delivery of Foundation Series Cybertruck now available to long-term verified TSLA shareholder! Early Cybertruck Delivery for Long-Term TSLA Shareholders Sign up by Friday, March 22, 2024 11:59 PM CT CDT to take early delivery of a Foundation Series Cybertruck. If confirmed, you will receive an email with additional details prior to the...
  7. greggertruck

    Cybertruck wiper in action

    Finally a little rain in Phoenix to try the wiper out! super fast!
  8. greggertruck

    Cyberbeast and Cybertrucks climb Hells Revenge, Moab (on factory A/T tires)

    From Wes Morrill, Cybertruck Lead Engineer plus Reliability, Test, and Analysis for all Tesla vehicles. "We've been sharpening the pencil for Off-Road controls and that will come to the fleet in an OTA update. The Trimotor (video hero) is like off-roading in easy mode. The two dual-motor Baja...
  9. greggertruck

    Cybertruck fits 85" TV in the bed 💪

    Full size truck bed for the win!
  10. greggertruck

    Roof Glass Is SUPER Strong!

    I'm 6'3" 210lbs and it flexed a little but no issue. Maybe wouldn't keep doing it but... ya get the idea! hahaha Bonus pic for my CTOC friends. :)
  11. greggertruck

    ~57 Cybertrucks Made DAILY??

    My VIN was born 2.8 ending in 2212 Here is VIN 1470 from 1.26 in a delivery center lot. This isn't to say 57 are being delivered daily, that's not true. But, they certainly seem to be moving it along!!
  12. greggertruck

    Arizona rise up! Let’s go. VIN secured.

    Reserved in 2019 Configured 12.14.23 Email this morning(Valentine’s Day) at 7.28a telling me a VIN is available
  13. greggertruck

    12/14 waiting room (AZ)

    Configured 12/14 in the mid afternoon The PowerShare quiz was the next day. Mesa delivery center No VINs in AZ yet? Anyone?