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  1. Ward L

    False forward collision warnings

    This has been an issue for several years in wife's M3 and the same persists in the CT. When it happens to me, I get an annoying "beep, beep, beep" and the car it is worried about turns red color. It seems like the software doesn't project where the vehicle will be located by the time you get...
  2. Ward L

    Let's talk about phantom drain

    I parked the CT in the garage yesterday afternoon around 3 PM and inadvertently left the garage door open all night. I closed the Tesla app and turned off my Bluetooth to avoid waking the CT when I walk by while it sits in the garage. It got down to 60 F outside last night. This morning, I...
  3. Ward L

    PowerShare equipment failures

    I wonder if it is the installer didn't set it up correctly. Tesla makes us use a Tesla certified installer, but most of the Tesla certified installers I've talked with have never had training or even installed a power share. A guy is coming today, and he talked like it would be very...
  4. Ward L

    Cybertruck windshield washer fluid leaving white residue?

    My wiper fluid was blue. The windshield was clean, but the residual water left on the windshield left a bit of a mess. It could be just a function of trying to clean an oversized windshield.
  5. Ward L

    Vampire Drain

    A test for a week in my garage while I was out of town yielded 8 miles/day loss. I had sentry mode off, but I noticed it was recording videos the whole time I was gone! On the sentry mode screen, there is a option to use “Camera Based Detection”. I had that on and even with sentry mode off...
  6. Ward L

    we may be closer than we think to the end of the foundation series upcharge

    Every auto manufacturer in the world has had “leftover” vehicles at one time or another. They sell them. That is why cars are made.
  7. Ward L

    we may be closer than we think to the end of the foundation series upcharge

    So how long until you get your non-foundation configure email? Even if they do start in January 2025, you won't get a non-FSCT configure email until 2027?
  8. Ward L

    we may be closer than we think to the end of the foundation series upcharge

    Are you forgetting there are 2 million plus reservations? I don't see the word "Limited" in Foundation Series. The only limit is the number of people willing to buy the FS. Let's say reservation number 2 million gets his opportunity to order a FSCT today. He has a choice, he can spend $20k...
  9. Ward L

    All Foundation Series owners will receive $2,500 voucher for Tesla Shop (to purchase Powershare Home Backup Equipment or other products)

    Help me understand this as an AWD CT owner. I got the email and will have a $2,500 voucher to buy the PowerShare Gateway and Universal Wall Charger to be sent to my Tesla approved electrician. Will the $2,500 voucher cover the cost of the PowerShare Gateway and Universal Wall Charger? I'm...
  10. Ward L

    Lock Confirmation Sound

    I don't want my vehicles to honk or make a sound as I walk away when they lock. The old Cybertruck makes a sound that sounds like a vault closing. It is pretty funny, but I can't disable it. When I check "Locks" on the display, the Lock Confirmation Sound is off. Strangely, I can't turn it...
  11. Ward L

    PowerShare Rolling Out! (Updated Images)

    I just got a proposal to install the Power Share Gateway V2 and a Universal Wall Charger for $6,100. If I add one Power Wall 3 the cost goes up $13,450. I wanted the Power Wall to make the grid shutdown seamless. I also have solar panels they will tie into the Power Wall 3. I want to get...
  12. Ward L

    Happy Ending - Tesla doubled my down payment at the 11th hour to $52,000

    My first loan was through Tesla and their bank. They initially wanted 10% down, then 20% down, then I was declined. The letter they are required to send when they decline a loan, indicated credit scores of 857 for both my wife and me. All of these loan applications eventually expired. After...
  13. Ward L

    Question for owners: has your Cybertruck been issue / problem free?

    Our minor issues were: 1) Gas pedal needed a screw 2) Slight dent in fronk hood delivery person pointed out (I had trouble seeing) 3) Slight scrape in tailgate plastic delivery person pointed out (I thought wasn’t necessary to replace) 4) Windshield defog didn’t work on road trip once, displayed...
  14. Ward L

    4 AWG or 6 AWG copper wire for 60A 2pole breaker?

    I used 6 gauge and it meets code for reasonable distances. 4 gauge is very thick and hard to work with.
  15. Ward L

    Happy Ending - Tesla doubled my down payment at the 11th hour to $52,000

    Funny, you don’t really sound like a FROG (Friendly old retired guy)! Cheer up. I hate banks too!
  16. Ward L

    For those who financed through a Credit Union...

    The Tesla delivery people said to bring a cashier's check from the Navy CU on the day of purchase. It was super easy. I didn't put anything down. If you are putting $ down, I would consider a cashier's check from the CU and a cashier's check from your personal account totaling the cost. I...
  17. Ward L

    Anyone ready to give up their Cybertruck?

    I was out of town for a week and the phantom drain was 8.25 miles/day. I pay 32 cents per kWh to charge it. If I did my math right, that is about $500/year to sit in my garage. I'm sure they will get that down. My Model 3 is 0.7 miles/day or $42/day. The software version was 2024.14.7.
  18. Ward L

    Realistic % of Cybertrucks that have had QC issues?

    Any publisher gets more clicks if their story is like OMG this is a problem as opposed to OMG everything is fine. I’ve had my CT in for a couple of issues, but they get fixed and everything is fine. I get a Y or an X loaner. I’m happy with it. I do have to say I was planning a couple of...
  19. Ward L

    FSD 12.5 Debut Expected Late June for Cybertruck!

    Our Model 3 has 2024.3.25 with FSD (supervised) v12.3.6 installed. Today I gave it a try and the GPS was planning to turn left at an intersection, but the car did not get into the left turn lane and went straight. Then another time where there are two lanes going to one lane with several...