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  1. Vault is not waterproof

    I am looking at bed covers for my current NART (not a real truck), the Honda Ridgeline, and absolutely none of the bed covers claim to be water proof. All I have seen can let trickles of water in under certain conditions. I never expected the CT cover to be 100% water proof. I have not seen...
  2. Cybertruck Maroney Window Sticker shows it's the most American-made truck 🇺🇸

    Honda Ridgeline is 65% US built. And technically a class 2 truck with a gvwr of 6019lbs.
  3. Storage boxes accessory below 2nd row seat when folded up

    What kind of spare do you get with the Ford? Steel wheel/cheap tire? Certainly not the same as the stock or upgraded wheels. The Tesla is the same wheel and tire combo. Minimum of $450 for the tire and at least the same for the rim. So not so bad but I get your point. Who really cares what...
  4. Rent the Range Extender?

    The install alone will likely be $400 ish. Thats about 2hrs of labor. Removal will be the same.
  5. Rent the Range Extender?

    The under bed gear locker would hold about 5 kWh (if that) of batteries and be more exposed in a rear end accident.
  6. Rent the Range Extender?

    I am sure renting a truck would be cheaper than any rental and install/removal fees for the range extender. It will be interested for sure to see if the range extender actually comes into existence or if it's just to appease the range anxiety club. If it's optional, who wants to always carry...
  7. Are you planning to get the bolt-on Molle panels?

    Probably just the bed divider. I see something like that being useful even without the Molle stuff.
  8. Would you buy the Cybertruck if your number came up in the next month?

    I am in at 1129xxxxx and would probably go ahead and get the AWD. I had the Tri on the reservation but that is a bit too much at this point. Unless we find out that the AWD is missing some of the important stuff. I am hoping to hear some reviews from people after a month or two of ownership...
  9. Range Extender Battery Pack increases range to 470+ miles and costs $16K 🔋

    Does anyone have any specs on the weight of the battery extender? I've seen comments as low as 140kg (308 lbs) and don't see how that is possible. 40kWh or so will have to weigh a lot more than that. Powerwalls are around 250lbs per 13kkWh.
  10. Cybertruck battery is 4 x 200V units in series. Switch inside allows switching between parallel and series to optimally charge at 400V and 800V

    I think our Model S came with 8 year unlimited milage on the battery which has 1 year left. So far so good. Minimal degradation. Almost 100K miles. 259 miles stated originally (actual was around 235), and now it's about 225 actual.
  11. Motors vs WDs?

    That's what I am thinking but most are still stuck on rwd = one motor, awd = two motor and beast = tri-motor.
  12. OFFICIAL 2024 Cybertruck Pricing, Specs, Mileage/Range, Dimensions, Weight, Info

    Isn't the AWD version still a tri-motor? Beast mode is just an higher output motor. I read somewhere that all versions had two motors for the rear.
  13. Rumor: reservation numbers starting with "112" will be delivered relatively quickly.

    I am 11293... I can't remember if we reserved on day 2 or 3. It took a while to get over the shock of it rolling out on the stage and thinking "Is that thing for real and when are they showing the real truck?". Tri motor and fsd (although that is unlikely for me now). In TX and current Tesla...
  14. Delivery Event will start at 11am PST / 1pm CST / 2pm EST on Thursday

    The stock will take an initial dip no matter what is said. If the price is high- no one will want one and it's a failure. If the price is too low- not enough profits for investors and it's a failure. If the price is just right- they won't be able to keep up with demand and it's a failure...
  15. Best looks @ Cybertruck display menu controls / open frunk / dashboard-interior / glass roof

    You think your tires will last three years. How cute. EVs go through tires a bit faster than ICE cars. My wife has had her Model S since late 2016 and has never had to replace the TPMS in her tires. Approaching 100K miles and three sets of new tires. I love the constant tire pressure data...