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  1. Front windshield sun shade -- why no aftermarket options?

    It has now been 6+ months since the Cybertruck started deliveries. Yet, no vendor provides a simple windshield sun shade. I am talking about a folding cardboard for like $15. There is like one that you have to (cringe) assemble two halves or some such but that seems silly. What gives? They...
  2. Bike hitch rack approved: 1up hitch rack

    Inaugural ride with 1up hitch rack. The rear view cam is ok although really using the rear view is something you should train yourself to stop doing.
  3. Kids are fascinated with the CT

    Lots of people react to the truck but I have noticed children are clearly visibly excited when they see the CT. Yesterday I was cleaning the car and neighborhood kids dropped by for an in depth review. 😀 Of course they wanted to press every button there was but they just couldn’t get enough of...
  4. Something wrong … no accelerator pedal issue !

    Should I be worried? I drove 115 miles round trip today from sea level to over 5000 feet in elevation. Way up had some dirt roading. The whole time the accelerator pedal cover stayed put. To boot, I got 92 mpge on a 6700 lbs truck. What do you folks figure ? 😉 Ps this thing looks even more...
  5. Hummer EV brake pedal tore off

    It happens. 😅
  6. It fits like a glove in vault: Giant Reign E+ size XL.

    Giant Reign E+ size XL. With the wheels turned it fits perfectly No more messing with roof racks (on the Model 3 lifting 50lbs overhead). I’ll eventually get a hitch rack. Giddy up! 😀
  7. Gaming controller for USB-C port?

    It shouldn’t be this difficult but I am not able to find a $40-$50 wired game controller that plugs into the usb-c port. Not looking for wireless and hassle of batteries. And this is just for occasional passenger / kids in the back not serious gaming. All I am seeing seem to be usb-a. First...
  8. Curious squirkle shake

    I was parked and just sitting in the Cybertruck. Just letting the realty of this beast being home washing over me. My eyes were kind of just resting on the squirkle. I then noticed a very small shake. Like a high frequency vibration. I touched the wheel and it stabilized. Then after a few...
  9. AP calibration despite no be AP

    Found it interesting that the AP / FSD calibration is taking place during the first few miles despite no AP / FSD. Perhaps they are different modules or networks. Or the feature is there but disabled for user. Ie data gathering only.