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  1. SpaceYooper

    500+ mile EV truck

    Who will come to market first? When? I'm not talking about the CT range extender unless it can be easily removed and plugged in by the owner. The Silverado WT4 is at 450 now. RAM is now saying 2026 for their 500 mile version. No idea what Ford is planing for their gen2 Lightning. I'm still...
  2. SpaceYooper

    What do you think is not true?

    1. To maximize the health of your EV battery you should not fully charge nor fully discharge it. 2. CT EPA estimates are based off HT vs AT tires 3. Tesla's EPA estimates are just a little inflated because of the way they calculate their EPA range vs the competition. 3. All vehicles to include...
  3. SpaceYooper

    Solar cover?

    Has there been any news, images, reviews, drawings, pricing, specs, capabilities, statements made....anything at all on the solar cover? It is by far the most interesting accessory to me.
  4. SpaceYooper

    Tesla Bans Individuals Who Share Leaked Cybertruck Video

    So I know there have more then a couple influencers who have shared that latest, bestest, CT video showing the new UI, folded seat, etc. Anyone know if they have actually gotten word that they are banned from the 30 Nov event, or will they just find out at the gate...
  5. SpaceYooper

    TSLA vs Cybertruck expectations

    I have no intention of selling any stock in the next 20 yrs. Even before the Q3 earning call TSLA stock was down almost 17+% off it's previous high and since Elon's, "we dug our own grave" comments the stock is down another 19%. Jul 18 - $293 Oct 18 (Q3 Earning report) - $242 Today (as of...
  6. SpaceYooper

    20 Million 4680 batteries produced

    Is 20M where we need to be today to ship 50k CTs next year?
  7. SpaceYooper

    Solid State Battery Hype Train

    Is it just me and my news feed or are solid state batteries actually starting to make real headwinds. I see Mercedes among others are actually going to be using SS in some production vehicles. I know they are still expensive and cost prohibitive for mass production but I can't help but wonder...
  8. SpaceYooper

    FSD & AI

    Things I think about after my bedtime. Is FSD AI or does it require AI to truly work? Are you going to pay for FSD? Given EMs comments about AI and his own concerns with it, are you at all concerned with AI and its implications? (i.e. Air that can do just about all things better than humans...
  9. SpaceYooper

    The next 6 months will be epic for Tesla

    Is it just me or are we seeing the Tesla trolls come out in full force more recently? It seems there are more on this site lately, more trash articles lately, more "analysts" that that are suggesting don't buy the TSLA dip, etc. Seems like a last ditch effort attack to prevent convince a...
  10. SpaceYooper

    Just one more must have standard feature for the CT

    I'm a minimalist when it comes to fancy options, but I'm all for smart things that increase range. So I'm now advocating for the Heat Belt!
  11. SpaceYooper

    Bought TSLA stock today

    I'm officially invested in a couple of hundred shares. Holding till Nov 2049 when I will start my mandatory withdrawals. The only thing that would change my mind would be if SpaceX goes public. If that happens, I will swap 100% of the portfolio into SpaceX.
  12. SpaceYooper

    How's your AM radio?

    @ Tesla owners. How's your AM radio? I just read an article saying many Euro EV automakers were doing away with AM in their cars because of the EV motors interference with the AM signals. I can't go without my AM sports stations. Skip the boat mode mode; CT better build in a strong AM receiver!
  13. SpaceYooper

    Is this a new but old image? [Update: image is doctored / photoshopped]

    I've never seen this picture before. Nor have I ever noticed a seem there on the frunk. It gives some interesting insight that I have not seen before. I'm not sure what is going on with the rear driver's side door. It looks like a cut-away image. It's obviously an older version of the...
  14. SpaceYooper

    Is this a new Tesla at the Peterson Museum?
  15. SpaceYooper

    How many CTs will be purchased and delivered to the public in 2023?

    Elon's stated ramp-up goal is 250K CTs/yr...but how many will be delivered in 2023? I'm just curious about what most of you think that number is. No explanation is needed, but feel free to state your case.
  16. SpaceYooper

    Brown CT

    This is the inside of my ~10 yr old stainless steel coffee cup. I'm not one of those guys who does not clean my cup. So if you have the time (decade or so) and the resources (massive pool of coffee to dunk the CT into and let sit for ~20 minutes a day). You too could have a brown CT! This...
  17. SpaceYooper

    Ford Lighting up for auction

    Any guesses on the winning bid price?
  18. SpaceYooper

    Senate Ad campaign against Tesla FSD

    I saw a TV commercial/campaign ad this morning advocating to shut down Tesla's FSD. I can't find the ad online but there are several articles that talk about it. Apparently the guy funding it and running for Senate owns a company whose software competes against Tesla's FSD software...
  19. SpaceYooper

    Ford going 100% online for EV sales

    Will it actually happen? Ford Is Going to 100% Online, Fixed-Price Sales For EVs CEO Jim Farley says direct delivery, zero negotiation, and fully online transactions are necessary for the brand's EV business. BY MACK...
  20. SpaceYooper

    To believe or not believe...

    Given what we now know about the Gigapress9000 who thinks a production CT will be delivered to a reservation holder this year?