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  1. seadsmoney

    Tesla deleting reservations if FS invite ignored?

    Remember, the reservation is not for a FS. FS is an option on the reservation.
  2. seadsmoney

    Tesla deleting reservations if FS invite ignored?

    I'm hearing some interesting chatter from people with reservations. Has anybody experienced/heard anything on these subjects? Folks with very high reservation numbers getting FS invites? Glad to hear, but is it open season now or is some kind of lottery taking place? At least one instance of...
  3. seadsmoney

    Tesla Wraps… currently almost all sold out… Are they good… any reasons to use Tesla recommended versus others… is there a list of shops?

    You don't need a professional to wrap it. You just line up the seams and then unroll it. The kit is 800 bucks. I used cyberwraps
  4. seadsmoney

    Color-changing Aurora wrap 🪅 in Arizona

    Panels switch colors dramatically as the angle between the viewer changes slightly. 👌 wrap is affordable, especially for those somewhat timid to approach spouse for a $4500 wrap budget after overselling the economic benefits of the PowerShare install. CT is simple to wrap and a lot of normal...
  5. seadsmoney


    We spent a week. Sintra was fun! Walking around Lisbon and Cascais for the rest of the time was honestly all else we did. Just fun to hop on the ferry and all the other transit and check out the museums (Gulbenkian, carriage) and enjoy as much of the fresh grilled seafood we could manage.
  6. seadsmoney

    VIN assigned in Mesa, AZ

    unless delivery pace accelerates expect to wait another 40 days.
  7. seadsmoney

    Check your back panels! My nuts were missing! Pics attached...

    This thread is silly Every truck has the same neatly hidden accessory mounting points not nuts missing
  8. seadsmoney

    Tesla head of product launch resigns.

    layoffs impact morale, it's temporary, still very recent layoffs snare good people harmony will correct, he just seems sad or uncomfortable if something else is going on, his statement is too short to know what, he would need to unpack it
  9. seadsmoney

    January Orders

    It's not her fault, this "FSD capability" was poorly named, and now has to be explained to mean what it hasn't yet become
  10. seadsmoney

    VIN assigned in Mesa, AZ

    Near Shea as well, but 24th st 🌵
  11. seadsmoney

    VIN assigned in Mesa, AZ

    Hi neighbor, FWIW my VIN came 3 days after that post (day 105). Waiting now on delivery scheduling
  12. seadsmoney

    Windshield Sun Shade for Cybertruck?

    congratulations everyone with the heatshield but I'd like a springform, plus there's no way I'm paying $175. Anybody have one that fits for around 30 bucks?
  13. seadsmoney

    Cybertruck Delivery Hold Until April 23 -- Tesla Dealership Associate

    Hi @Sasmania any update since Wednesday? I got my Scottsdale VIN this morning and finished my open tasks, curious if anything happened next for you yet.
  14. seadsmoney

    1000+ Cybertrucks were produced in a single week in April (per Q1 2024 earnings report)

    Lots of folks find it so easy to claim 'Tesla will just keep making FS until folks stop buying them!' it makes good economic sense! no brainer, yada yada But the reality is, Tesla has said they're limited, and the data doesn't support those who claim FS is full speed ahead. (Honestly we're...
  15. seadsmoney

    January Orders

    I can't say whether paying in full upfront before install is normal 👀, but yeah it definitely makes sense to get the charging equipment installed before our truck arrives, I assume they plan it this way for everyone.
  16. seadsmoney

    January Orders

    Now I'm confused, as I have a 1/11 AWD order and I'm also in AZ, Powershare installed but you are in Tucson, maybe there is a trucking or SC issue at play here, hm... congrats though!
  17. seadsmoney

    VIN assigned in Mesa, AZ

    Scottsdale here, I'm at 102 days, waiting for an AWD VIN Looks like this fella here waited 105 days for their Scottsdale VIN
  18. seadsmoney

    90% cancellation/postponement rate?

    Seemed to me back in early Feb after running some numbers FS was truly limited (as Tesla promised) and there seemed to be only one wave of invites, December, with subsequent batches of invites simply backfilling attrition from the initial wave. The total FS run I guessed at ~15k FS CTs was...
  19. seadsmoney

    Well here is production numbers so far - as of April 17, 2024

    Affecting "certain" cybertrucks This is not a count of every truck ever made.