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  1. Big Scratches on SS at Delivery

    So I‘ve had my Beast for 3 weeks. When I went to Tysons VA to get it, the delivery guy walked me over to my truck and the first thing I noticed was a 3 inch, by 1/2 inch relatively deep gash on the hood (frunk lid). It looked like a drill/machine had accidentally nicked it. Then as I looked...
  2. Cybertruck Delivered with Center Caps

    I was at the Tesla service station in Tysons VA today. They had a dual motor Cybertruck in the line. I noticed it had center caps on the wheels so I asked the service advisor whose truck it was as there was several of us waiting. She said it’s a going through delivery inspection and hasn’t been...

    Has anyone tried the Cybertruck Detailing Kit available on Tesla’s website? I’m curious whats in the Stainless Wash Spray, does anyone know?
  4. Got my VIN - Northern VA

    I’m excited to say yesterday, Saturday, I received a text from Tesla asking me to open the Tesla app and complete the next step. When I opened the app, my VIN was displayed on the screen and the app allowed me to complete the financing application and get approved, and also the Tesla insurance...