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  1. 113378XXX April 2020 reservation FS invite

    I do have some stock from mid 2016ish but not enough to qualify. I do Wish I sold in 2021 cause I would have been able to buy the CT on the gains. No more now.
  2. 113378XXX April 2020 reservation FS invite

    No I did not put down $1000. But the order screen lets you configure what you want (tires, interior CB/AWD) and tells you an estimated delivery date. Which said July to Sept.
  3. 113378XXX April 2020 reservation FS invite

    Said July to Sept 2024 delivery for AWD, Grey interior
  4. 113378XXX April 2020 reservation FS invite

    Like title says. . April 2020 I reserved a CT res # 113378XXX And I just received an invite to order. Thought I was years away. They must be going through res holders like mad. I am gonna hold out for non FS
  5. Bright light in bed with Tonneau cover down

    Are you sure it is not sunlight coming in from open glass roof, hitting the rear view mirror and bouncing into the back
  6. Dealing with Dogs / Dog Management

    There is a whole thread herewhere there are lots of opinions on where dogs should safely ride The thread is called “what questions remain?” Sorry can’t figure out how to copy and paste a thread link using the app.
  7. Colorado can now "Explore the Space"

    Portland Oregon store they won’t let you touch anything. You can sit in it. That’s it.
  8. New to Forum

    Welcome! I joined a few months ago and everyone here has been very helpful, informative and sometimes funny.
  9. Vault is not waterproof

    What is this picture suppose to show?
  10. Tonneau Cover question

    The forum existed for the last four+ years and no one has owned a CT. It was still called OWNERS club. I see that you just joined today. Welcome. There are only one or two forum members who have actually taken delivery of CT to date, on fact only in the last few days. The rest of us have just...
  11. Tonneau Cover question

    Why don’t you go post this question in the thread that a new CT owner specifically set up to answer CT questions instead of being snarky saying “have you tried it” anytime anyone’s makes a suggestion.
  12. Tonneau Cover question

    There are videos out there showing that as soon as the vault opens a it starts to cover the rear window. An inch or two and you cover an inch or two of the window. Depends how much you want to open the vault depends how much you can see them.
  13. Tonneau Cover question

    There is lots of thought about the safest place for dogs to travel. I like you, have two dogs that go to the beach and I two have plans to figure out how they can travel in the back. There is a lengthy thread on this form called “what questions remain” and there is quite a bit in there about...
  14. Breakover / Departure Angle stats?

    You still think that’s a secret unannounced feature in the diaper area?
  15. CT FS Fit and Finish

    So did you order a foundation series? If so look forward to seeing it on the road in PDX. I am too far down on the list to get an invite. Maybe next year when they (if they) become cheaper.
  16. CT FS Fit and Finish

    I remember seeing it in numerous places including the tailgate. I went through my pics and was surprised that it wasn’t showing up in the pics. Even the one on the side was barely noticeable in the pics.
  17. CT FS Fit and Finish

    It does say foundation series on the truck. Hard to see in the photo but I saw it etched on the side of the truck with my own eyes.
  18. CT FS Fit and Finish

    I think it is a lot about expectations. I have being addicted to the forum for the last few months and have read many, many posts about terrible panel gaps, the CT looking great in person, looking smaller in person. I went to the Portland store this weekend and saw the same CT. I was...
  19. What Are The Real Reasons Cybertrucks Continue To Be Roped Off In Tesla Showrooms?

    And yes I called it a “showroom” DEFINITION FOR SHOWROOM noun a room in which goods, such as cars, are on display