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  1. Cyber07

    Accelerator pedal issue - incorrect spot welding (rivet for the rescue)

    I have watched the video regarding the Cybertruck accelerator issue and it was quite obvious for me that the spot welding was done incorrectly. I think it is just time and your driving habit when this will happen. I think because of the materials wide difference and the lack of time to do...
  2. Cyber07

    Cybertruck AWD vs. Rivian R1S Performance Max Pack -- My Owner's Comparison Review

    After two weeks of solely using my Cybertruck I sit back to my wife R1S. It was quite interesting experience NOT to get that attention on the road. Here is my take: The R1S is a friendly looking, approachable car. Not intimidating and I still smile when I look the front. The CT is visually...
  3. Cyber07

    Miami Garden 3/23 delivery

    Today was the day. Delivery experience. They let me wait 43 minutes in the line for other deliveries check in. (After trying to tell them what we are coming but they sent us back to the end of the line) When I got front to the person they said we have dedicated CT delivery personal, Daniel. He...
  4. Cyber07

    Cybertruck wrapping in Miami (SoFlo)

    I am looking for a place to wrap my Cybertruck [delivery within a week]. I love the grey with blue backlit or a black shiny PPF and want appropriate tinting. happy to advertise it if I get a good deal. hit me,
  5. Cyber07

    Florida Miami VIN allocated order 12/29, delivery 3/23

    It's about 20 minutes ago Tesla sent me a text that they have modified my Cybertruck delivery order. Jumped into the app and now I have a VIN. Location, Miami, FL Original reservation date: day 1 RN112797xxx Email to make reservation 12/28 Reservation made: 12/29 VIN assigned: 3/9 VIN...
  6. Cyber07

    Anybody with VIN number allocation in South Florida yet?

    Is anybody in South Florida, who is not a celebrity or Tesla or related employee, got VIN assignment from the December 9 batch?
  7. Cyber07

    Will the Jan-March 2024 delivery window be honored?

    As I am watching all the comments and all the VIN updates I believe there are significant number of orders have been confirmed. Tesla is sending invitation in 2024 for the 1128xxx reservation holders I have started to doubt that they can deliver in the promised timeline for all those...