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  1. drdrugs

    Who’s taller now bro?

    My brother (UPSDawg) is slightly taller than me. Well who’s taller now brah??? Thanks suspension! He has the 3 dogs on his so guess that’s kinda cool too.
  2. drdrugs

    iPhone not charging, and hot

    Found my first complaint about the CT. I have an iphone pro max. I love the position of laying the phone and how its supposed to wireless charge. But my phone is in a mag safe case. Just gets HOT. and doesnt charge. Anyone else dealing with this or is it a my unit thing. lemme know thoughts or...
  3. drdrugs

    What time is it? VIN TIME!!

    LETS GOOOOOOOOOO Config date 12/28 San Antonio AWD VIN date: 3/13/24 76 days to VIN awaiting delivery date and stuff.
  4. drdrugs

    Toying with my emotions?

    I’m a 12/28 config in Tx. Got first email months ago. Got this tonight. Does this mean I’m about to get my VIN?!?
  5. drdrugs

    The Dreaded 70 Day Club

    Config on 12/28 Texas AWD This sucks.
  6. drdrugs

    Time of day for VIN adds?

    So I’m 12/28. TX. Thinking my VIN should be added anytime between Today and Christmas 2025. So a very Small window now. I see some people said they got vin email around 1am. Anyone get there’s during the day? Is it all over the place or mostly overnight? I’m just tryna not waste my time...
  7. drdrugs

    Rear view mirror - visibility?

    I’m hearing a few people mention that the rear view mirror is useless because you can’t see nothing through the rear window. I’m gonna be a first time truck owner with this thing so I’m concerned about this. People who already got the CT and are first time truck owners: how’s it feel to drive...
  8. drdrugs

    Latest Config Date that received a VIN so far?

    Anyone know whats the latest config date that anyone knows about that's received their VIN so far? Most of the VINs are still from the 12/8-9 timeframe, but I think I came across a couple places that 12/15 orders already got a VIN. Any truth to this?
  9. drdrugs

    12/28 Waiting Room

    I know this is a long shot. Wanted to share the pain with others in or near the same boat. Received invite and ordered on 12/28. Took care of all items, sitting on "We will notify you when its time to continue..." for a month now. TEXAS! so Maybe theres some hope.. No VIN... at what point...
  10. drdrugs

    Any new deliveries?

    Looks like radio silence for the most part on deliveries. I had a 12/28 invite, and i immediately pulled the trigger. My order has been sitting ready for delivery date and nothing since.... any movement from anyone?