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  1. CHC

    A/T tires bad in snow? Diff locks not engaged? Or unrealistic expectations? (Cybertruck in snow video)

    For A/Ts, the stock Goodyear's have a really shallow tread pattern. I will definitely be replacing mine with KO2s (which are great snow tires in my experience).
  2. CHC

    Aftermarket Wheel Options/ Ideas

    Was looking at the TS Sportline and Unplugged Options and am... unimpressed. Here are some other aftermarket rims that look more fitting aand don't compromise too much on aero. Thoughts on others?
  3. CHC

    Max ground clearance height of Cybertruck vs. Hummer, Rivian R1T, Silverado EV, F-150 Lightning

    Tesla interestingly hasn't shown any pictures or video of the Cybertruck at max height or in 'extract mode'