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  1. Aftermarket Bumper Options for Cybertruck?

    Only seen the Unplugged ones, which are great, especially with the matching rockers. But for 10k, it's not something I would be willing to do. Looking for powered coated steel, at least the front/back, rockers a plus. Anything out there I'm not finding? @TESBROS, anything in the works? @T...
  2. Bullet bed + all trim thoughts

    Planning to get my bed lined. And then after pretty much anything touching the trim leaves a scuff. So I have it satin black ppf. Thoughts on the fenders, bumpers and “rock rails” done the same? Extract mode for theatrics.
  3. Tailgate Randomly Opened

    I had just home from a short trip, was parked and probably locked by this time. Messing around in the garage and noticed the tailgate down. Went to close and it wouldn't. The locks were reversed so it would not go in. Was able to hit the unlock to trigger it and quickly closed, but then did...
  4. Towing Immediately After Delivery Pickup?

    I have the opportunity to pick up my CT tomorrow, but at a different SC 150 miles away. If I drive there with a Uhaul car hauler and plan to tow back my Bronco (4500 pounds + trailer), is that a problem for a CT with <10 miles?
  5. Detailed Cybertruck Dimensions?

    I couldn't find exactly what I'm looking for, so hopefully an actual owner wouldn't mind posting. I have a workbench at the back of my garage that extends into the 223.5" length. I will either need to reconfigure my garage or maybe the last foot or so will go under it. Can some confirm the...
  6. Homeshare email indicator VIN coming?

    Invite on 12/16. ordered AWD on 1/9 Homeshare survey email on 1/20 Any precedence for VIN assignment?