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  1. audi2tesla

    Crash Tested Cybertruck Parked at Arkansas Hampton Inn Overnight [Interior + Exterior Pics]

    OMG! I'm going to the states this week. If I see a parked CT I'm going to lick it.
  2. audi2tesla

    350 mile range Quad Motor rumored to be 1st trim launched

    100% the same for me. It will replace my ancient Dodge Grand Caravan which I use as a daily. It hauls 4 to 5 mountain bikes with camping gear (the cycling part 2-4 times a week), with camping a weekly occurence in the spring and summer months, then winter time skis and snowboards, with the...
  3. audi2tesla

    Video: Cybertruck in low suspension mode @ light next to Highlander and followed by Model Y

    He'll probably say "that's disgusting!" In a different tone while watching it raise up to high mode.
  4. audi2tesla

    Cybertruck BIW body-in-white frames with front/rear castings 🤩 [7/11/23]

    I was thinking the same thing when looking at this picture of the CT BIW. I'm assuming that the unboxed process would be used for Model 3 Highland and Model Y Juniper, even the upcoming "$25k car".
  5. audi2tesla

    I sold my truck to make way for the Cybertruck! Who else is making moves?

    Cybertruck will replace my grand caravan when I get it, until then it's used for short trips or just sitting collecting snow.