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  1. Stealing EV charging cables - a growing trend

    Sad to say but yes that mentality is out there, guess they are afraid it's gonna take away their manhood or something worse. I've seen pictures of connector cable ends smashed from pure vandalism. What people don't understand they are afraid of and this is the result.
  2. Stealing EV charging cables - a growing trend

    Brings up a memory of my uncle who was a commercial electrical contactor in El Paso, Texas for many years. They were working on installing a new lighting system along the interstate and had problems with people stealing the wire in the "cold" system before it was energized. When they had the...
  3. TESLA Wall charger SECURITY

    We had a similar concern at our beach condo for rental guests. I installed a covered and locked 14-50 amp receptacle which can be shut off via the breaker inside the house. Cheaper than a wall CONNECTOR and is Low-Profile. Guest just use their own type mobile cord and all is good. But if...
  4. Got my new chagdepoint card.

    Wow, where did this come from? You were always the one who made us think a little louder. RIP Mule. You are missed.
  5. White House "Advisor" spreads false narrative about EV batteries.

    Interesting story about what an "advisor" is spreading about EV batteries. In rebuttal to the thought about EV batteries as someone stated " It's like running an engine with no oil, coolent and redlining it till it blows a piston head and then saying it only lasts for a certain amount of hours"
  6. More Details on Supercharger sharing with non-Tesla cars (from Q2 2021 earnings call)

    "All in all this is great news. An adapter solution could be out there in months allowing Rivian users to charge anywhere a Tesla can if at, initially, somewhat lower power. I'll be back here to eat my words if I wind up in a queue at the Baie St. Paul SC." Not to worry A.J. there's always...
  7. More Details on Supercharger sharing with non-Tesla cars (from Q2 2021 earnings call)

    Bolts, what will be done with them. Just make sure to stay clear of them if you value your vehicle, maybe keep an extra "out of order" sign in the frunk to ward of toasty Bolts.
  8. Found a great EV power/charging solution

    Would that be Regular or Ethel electrons today sir? BTW do they also come in the old school 10 gallon hand electron pump? Pure gravity feed.
  9. Vehicle to Home (Ford Figured it Out)

    My power provider co-op hates them, they suck up way too much power from the grid and even charge you extra when they find out you are running a tank less electric unit.:mad: Oh and the de-scaling maintenance, people forget about that.
  10. Vehicle to Home (Ford Figured it Out)

    Personally, this is why I heat my home with a wood stove, by choice, and I have a propane-powered backup generator (500-gallon in-ground tank) power for week-long power outages during hurricane season, my propane supplier delivers and I don't have to queue up to get any fuel. Freezers...
  11. New Battery Range & Pack Architecture [Announced at Battery Day]

    Check this out. You will be encouraged
  12. New Battery Range & Pack Architecture [Announced at Battery Day]

    Have you explored the website: It's for All EVs so you have the fun to compare the options available in the EV market. Chargers that are available, their locations, route planning are all in there. Plugin your favorite EV with your starting point and destination and...
  13. New Battery Range & Pack Architecture [Announced at Battery Day]

    Yes, I have run into a few "Low Information Geniuses" they parrot what somebody said......without bothering to investigate the facts and sadly it sets well in their comfortable little fenced-in world. Honestly, I have to get out of the vehicle for a pit stop, eat and stretch the legs, and...
  14. Salvage Titles and Supercharging

    Welcome to life in the modern world. The other manufacturers do do things like this. I remember listening to some poor bastard bemoaning the situation he was in when his single marine diesel failed at sea and the manufacturer would not give him information on what to do with the fuel controller...
  15. Salvage Titles and Supercharging

    I hear you. What if all the other car manufacturers played this way. Ouch.
  16. Salvage Titles and Supercharging

    Exactly, a salvage title means you have a nice "town car" and will NEVER see a Super Charger ever again. Cut off at the knees.
  17. How will the CT Robotaxis charge themselves?

    Well, we can only hope that Rebecca Hough Tinucci might be a step in the charging direction. That would fix some of the charging issues. The co-founder and CEO of Evatran Group Inc., the Richmond-based maker of wireless charging stations for electric vehicles, left the company in 2018...