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  1. CoHAP

    Cybertruck vs Rivian R1T review from a long term owner

    I have been fortunate to own a 2023 R1T quad motor for a little bit over 1 year. I have 19200 miles on it. It has been a dream vehicle and continues to get better with every software update. It has been trouble free except 1 windshield replacement (three rocks chips in 2 weeks), and 2 soft car...
  2. CoHAP

    Powershare install email scam -maybe

    Hi- I placed my order in Colorado on 12-20-23 but no vin number yet. I already received a couple of emails from tesla about the Powershare Home Backup Eligibility. I received another email yesterday from a company called power charging pros about my pending Cybertruck gateway install. The first...