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  1. myco.rrhizae


    Good things come to those who HODL. anyone wanna make an offer on this here limited release collection of short-seller tears bottled in hand-blown glass?
  2. myco.rrhizae

    Cybertruck imagined with side mirrors and windshield wiper

    I actually like what it does to the look. kinda helps normalize the aesthetic a little.
  3. myco.rrhizae

    Beautiful image of Tesla's future

    im curious about this. Its clear that the finish appears different under different lighting conditions, but I had wondered whether the test drive at the reveal was done in a different truck than the display unit on stage.
  4. myco.rrhizae

    Where's the Frunk Pics? And the sail pillar compartment?

    we have got to petition Tesla to release those high res pics!!! I want to see that lumber rack with the sail compartment open.
  5. myco.rrhizae

    Lumber rack for carpentry render

    Hey folks! Why haven't any of these wonderful render artists come up with a good, functional lumber rack rendering for working carpenters? I've seen a lot of really great renders but none of them really appeal to the working class truck user. Lumber rack is crucial. It needs to extend forward...