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  1. Back seat cover for dogs/kids?

    Perfect! Thanks! I'll just put the kids in the vault then.
  2. Back seat cover for dogs/kids?

    Does anybody have any recommendations for a back seat cover that's good for both kids and dogs?
  3. Need info please. VIN assigned...

    You can pay with a cashier's check at the SC when you go to pick it up.
  4. Cybertruck Deliveries Suspended Temporarily -- due to windshield wiper motor issue

    My SC in Houston just told me that my Beast isn't affected (VIN 18355).
  5. After Placing Order How Often Are You Checking For VIN?

    Several times an hour for my Beast. Now I'm checking for the schedule delivery button.
  6. VINs Pending Delivery Chart & National Map 🗺️

    1) The first 5 digits of your RN#: 11281 2) The date configured your truck 1/10/2024 3) The date you received your VIN: 6/16/2024 4) The number range of your VIN: 183xx 5) The date I took delivery: NA 6) Your City, State: Houston TX 7) Model: Cyberbeast 8) Long term shareholder: No
  7. Cyberbeast waiting room

    158 days and I finally got my VIN! 1/10 config and delivering in Houston! RN11281
  8. Cyberbeast waiting room

    According to his location...US. 😜
  9. Delivery state priority?

    I've seen 1 delivery on here for Hawaii.
  10. Text from Tesla before Texas delivery?

    Interesting. And there's no correlation to getting this message and when you get your VIN?
  11. Text from Tesla before Texas delivery?

    I got a text message with this PDF document attached.
  12. Text from Tesla before Texas delivery?

    Did anyone get a text message from Tesla explaining the Texas pickup process before their VIN was assigned? I plan to pick it up in Houston-Cypress.
  13. Cyberbeast waiting room

    They say that you get your VIN when you're traveling out of town. I'm heading to Vegas soon. We'll see! 🤞
  14. 1/9 Cyberbeast Waiting Room

    I think he picked his up last month.
  15. Cybertruck OWNERS List & Stats [Add Yours]! ✍🏻

    You don't have a Cybertruck until you are told that you have a Cybertruck. That's law. 😜