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  1. drdrugs

    Who’s taller now bro?

    My brother (UPSDawg) is slightly taller than me. Well who’s taller now brah??? Thanks suspension! He has the 3 dogs on his so guess that’s kinda cool too.
  2. drdrugs

    iPhone not charging, and hot

    Found my first complaint about the CT. I have an iphone pro max. I love the position of laying the phone and how its supposed to wireless charge. But my phone is in a mag safe case. Just gets HOT. and doesnt charge. Anyone else dealing with this or is it a my unit thing. lemme know thoughts or...
  3. drdrugs

    Drive through car wash experience?

    I’ve taken mine three times. To a regular wash. With brushes and all. Did the basic wash so I don’t get go wax or residue stuff. Has been great. Had to wipe off excess water drips with a microfiber. But no issues. Looks as good as new.
  4. drdrugs

    12/28 Waiting Room

    Hope you all get your trucks soon. Had mine for about a week. Shit load of attention. Mostly all positive. I’ve had a ton of cars along the way. Hands down the best vehicle I’ve ever driven. The steer by wire is insanely awesome. Best thing I can say to you all is that it will be worth the wait...
  5. drdrugs

    What time is it? VIN TIME!!

    It’s here! Great drive. Will take getting used to. Steering is awesome. Definitely an attention hog. That might get old fast. Hoping you all get your VINs and Trucks soon!
  6. drdrugs

    What time is it? VIN TIME!!

    Got scheduled for a 3/20 delivery if you guys wanna add that to the chart.
  7. drdrugs

    What time is it? VIN TIME!!

    LETS GOOOOOOOOOO Config date 12/28 San Antonio AWD VIN date: 3/13/24 76 days to VIN awaiting delivery date and stuff.
  8. drdrugs

    Toying with my emotions?

    I’m reading between the lines of what you just wrote. And I think what you’re saying is that I am 100% getting my VIN tomorrow. Nice nice.
  9. drdrugs

    Toying with my emotions?

    I’m a 12/28 config in Tx. Got first email months ago. Got this tonight. Does this mean I’m about to get my VIN?!?
  10. drdrugs

    TESLA CyberTruck Wind Tunnel Testing - SHOCKING Results (w/ Cd figures measured)

    This is awesome... I totally understand all of it. But... uh... for people who dont understand what the F this means... can someone explain it to us.. i mean them.
  11. drdrugs

    The Dreaded 70 Day Club

    Hopefully good... i think a couple Dallas VINS got assigned from the 12/26-31 week already.
  12. drdrugs

    The Dreaded 70 Day Club

    Config on 12/28 Texas AWD This sucks.
  13. drdrugs

    12/21 Waiting Room

    Damn I’m 12/28 San Antonio. No vin yet. Reply to this when you get your VIN so I can spend a good 7 days planning my own VIN party.
  14. drdrugs

    12/28 Waiting Room

    This is how I feel this week reloading my app over and over and over....
  15. drdrugs

    60 days+ and still waiting for a VIN

    And just like that… I have joined the dreaded 60 day club. Config date- 12/28 AWD Texas No VIN yet
  16. drdrugs

    12/28 Waiting Room

    Next week is THE WEEK everyone! Let’s see some VINs!!!