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  1. Lasttoy

    Observations from Jacksonville SC today

    I spent hour there looking at the 12 Foundation and 1 Beast. Here r my observations. 1. They are nasty filthy from train ride 2. Couple were dented. One had big chunk out of bumper 3 NONE had roof light bar. GM said they r being made. To be installed later 4. All had black seats. White trim on...
  2. Lasttoy

    Mail check to Fremont??

    I just got email to complete the registration process. First they wanted copy of drivers license. OK. Then it got to financing, yes, who Navy CU. Then it said mail check to address in Fremont.. No way in hell. Navy said they would give me a blank check to fill amount at delivery. They said...
  3. Lasttoy

    Trucks parked

    I was in Jacksonville SC yesterday. Two trucks parked out back. I asked GM why? He said they haven't gotten their act together.either financial or insurance. He also said they have nothing to do with any part of the process except to give owner the key cards after Austin released the truck...
  4. Lasttoy

    How much will Cybertruck weigh?

    Has anyone seen anything from Tesla telling us how much it will weigh? I need to know if I have to buy heavier trailer? I carry my S on a trailer behind my RV when I go on long trips, months across country. I see width, length, height, but not weight.
  5. Lasttoy

    Tire size?

    Has anyone gotten close enough to see the tire size???
  6. Lasttoy

    Size, wheel base?

    Elon stated truck was too big, wouldn't fit in normal garage. Neither did my F350 dually. Has anyone seen? Or know the width and wheel base?? Sorry, I can't find the info, I need it to know if it will fit on my trailer? If not, then I have get bigger trailer. My S barely fits now, I had to...