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  1. How to Squat your Cybertruck (using Deflate suspension settings) -- for loading motorcycle / ATV, washing bed out, etc.

    Hopefully a feature to come to select in park only. Could easily drive my golf cart up, with 23” tires, without ramps.
  2. Haters giving thumbs down

    I've had 1 thumbs down with a tongue stuck out. Had probably 1000 sentry alerts and more than that of people gawking and taking pictures/videos while I'm driving. I don't care, but the responses for me are overwhelmingly skewed positive. And its been 1 month and less than 1000 miles mostly in...
  3. Struggling to find tint shop for windshield

    The windshield is 59”, only need a 60” roll. I know 2 places in Columbus Ohio that will do it. Picking mine up tomorrow and friend had his done by another company. I paid $600 for the windshield and 200 for the other 4 fronts.
  4. All Foundation Series owners will receive $2,500 voucher for Tesla Shop (to purchase Powershare Home Backup Equipment or other products)

    Does anyone know if you buy the universal wall charger from the store: A) Will they ship it to you B) Can you get it on wifi for updates not being a "certified con-artist" It might take me 15 minutes to switch out my 14-50 with this.
  5. All Foundation Series owners will receive $2,500 voucher for Tesla Shop (to purchase Powershare Home Backup Equipment or other products)

    Any point in buying the universal charger vs the wall charger? I don’t want PS, just a faster charger. Even the universal charger says it must be installed by a certified installer, but I’d just use it for a charger right now. In case we get a Rivian.
  6. Aftermarket Bumper Options for Cybertruck?

    Only seen the Unplugged ones, which are great, especially with the matching rockers. But for 10k, it's not something I would be willing to do. Looking for powered coated steel, at least the front/back, rockers a plus. Anything out there I'm not finding? @TESBROS, anything in the works? @T...
  7. Cost to do PPF?

    I paid $1800 for my PPF satin black DIY kit, all tools. And another $60 for ceramic coating. My local shop would have installed the PPF kit for $1500. I spent a number of days because it was hot and about passed out in a closed garage, but it can be done in 12-15 hours with prep.
  8. Realistic % of Cybertrucks that have had QC issues?

    I have a 2021 MB GLS, 100k. QC issues I have had to have fixed. 2023 Bronco, 70k. Paint issues from the factory. Don’t need to look in a parking lot, my driveway is one.
  9. Realistic % of Cybertrucks that have had QC issues?

    QC is a subjective term. Ive bought probably 12-15 brand new cards from GMC, Jeep, BMW, Mercedes, 3 Teslas, Acura, Ford. All of had minor QC issues. Most I never even had looked at. If you are particular like me, the answer is 100% have QC issues.
  10. I’m RN# 11323XXX My place in line is 495,744. How is this possible? Is everyone cancelling?

    It's 102K+tax minimum, lots of people reserved a 40k version, so lots of passing for now is what's happening. I like it, makes the FS more desirable and incredibly rare in my area. FWIW, I love mine, no regrets.
  11. Bullet bed + all trim thoughts

    Planning to get my bed lined. And then after pretty much anything touching the trim leaves a scuff. So I have it satin black ppf. Thoughts on the fenders, bumpers and “rock rails” done the same? Extract mode for theatrics.
  12. CYBERBEAST 4 foot jump damage

    All the cameras at this shoot and no good video or it happening. I gotta think he was on medium height based on the speed. I'd like high or extra hot to allow faster speeds. Or extract, so high.
  13. TSportline Matte White DIY Wrap

    After coming back from dinner, the wrap settled in and removed pretty much all imperfections just with time. Super happy with the results. On to the rest tomorrow, fun and rewarding project. Watch the video series from part 1 on.
  14. TSportline Matte White DIY Wrap

    So I just did the hood to see how it would go. Figure worst case I get another piece and take to my installer. I'd say it went pretty good. I had a hell of a time getting all the bubbles out, seems no matter what I did one would get trapped, pull up and try again, maybe I need more spray...
  15. TSportline Matte White DIY Wrap

    I haven’t watched all the videos yet. Just clicked on the prep one and life got in the way. But they sent a heat gun so the corners must be heat and adhesive activated.
  16. TSportline Matte White DIY Wrap

    I got the colored PPF in satin. Would have preferred matte but the price was right. Did you prep a panel at a time or the whole thing? Dust, even small amounts is always around so I was just going to do sections. Like the front. Then doors. The panels.