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  1. SolarWizard

    a very cool video from Moab

    I know only a few handfuls of members here have done any serious wheeling before and may soon want to try it at least once to say they have. This week is like Christmas for those of us who love Moab, particularly in the Jeep community. some dear friends of mine in the true offroad aftermarket...
  2. SolarWizard

    Rivian R2 Reveal w/ R3 and R3X Surprises! $45K, 0-60 >3 seconds, 300+ miles range, NACS port, 4695 batteries

    just reserved two. looks a metric ton nice than a model Y to move and 26 would be when my nephew turns 16. GF and I decided together to skip Fisker and it turns out that seems to have been wise but this vehicle is way more appealing to us both. the folding seats, wheel controls and overall...
  3. SolarWizard

    New Rivian configurations, lower prices

    I owned an R1T briefly and loved it. R1S for $750 a month is super tempting
  4. SolarWizard

    Macan EV official photos & specs revealed

    That is a really good looking vehicle!
  5. SolarWizard

    2024 Silverado EV WT Range Officially EPA Certified

    If using the bed is important you are better off with the silverado
  6. SolarWizard

    General Truck Market Snapshot

    Please don’t point to youtube troglodytes for data
  7. SolarWizard

    Cybertruck vs F-150 Raptor R: DRAG RACE

    The Raptor R is also running a significantly taller and heavier 37 which makes a bigger difference than most people realize
  8. SolarWizard

    Cybertruck vs Lamborghini Urus: DRAG RACE

    Emergency stopping and towing downhill have a lot of similarities depending on grade and load behind. I think we all understand that regen will reduce the number of brake applications vs a standard ice truck but when SHTF a vehicle called cyberbeast should certainly slow down at least as fast as...
  9. SolarWizard

    Cybertruck vs Lamborghini Urus: DRAG RACE

    685lbs of torque is quite a bit lower than I expected. Still amazing machine but I certainly expected tq to be very close if not higher than the hp
  10. SolarWizard

    Cybertruck Specs Comparison vs. R1T, Lightning and other pickups

    Based on being an additional 35kWhs id expect it to be $12k minimum
  11. SolarWizard

    Cybertruck Specs Comparison vs. R1T, Lightning and other pickups

    The CT pricing seems off just FYI
  12. SolarWizard

    Canoo trying to cut short Cybertruck launch.....! 11.10.23

    I think the canoo is bad ass. I ordered a lifestyle vehicle about 18 months ago and this new American bulldog concept is super appealing in name, design and the bed is actually flat wide and usable I truly hope they make it
  13. SolarWizard

    Im in a Pickle..

    I rode in the truck. pretty amazing tbh. I like the looks of the suv way more. id call their bluff and offer $12k over sticker on it and see what they say if you really want one. Given the rarity it’ll hold value well if you drive it a year or two and want something else
  14. SolarWizard

    Share your “Plan B” if the CT is priced in the stratosphere

    If you want a raptor at or below sticker that’s definitely doable
  15. SolarWizard

    Ford is serious - 2025 T3 next gen TN BlueOval build/battery/recycle

    Short term memory on tesla loyalists Ford is taking write downs against evs for factory construction
  16. SolarWizard

    MKBHD: Will the Cybertruck outsell Ford F-150?

    that guy knows less than absolute zero about vehicles
  17. SolarWizard

    Email I received from Fisker this morning was a good reminder...

    Me too! The GF would likely settle for another Y, especially if its been updated but she is in love with the fisker and would actually like the blazer as her number two. I haven’t heard much about the blazer. Anyone got some insight there?
  18. SolarWizard

    Email I received from Fisker this morning was a good reminder...

    … of just how difficult building cars is. Thats why I generally dislike people hating on XYZ brand that does it. This also gives me an opportunity to imagine what cars will be like 10-20 years with the pace of innovation accelerating hope yall are having a great weekend. CT in T minus 90 days...