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  1. Deposit Refund

    Thought I wanted Tri-Motors but with the poor range and high price. NOPE. 2nd days orders. Definitely NOT a road trip vehicle.
  2. Deposit Refund

    Canceled today with no problem, it was on the manage account screen, easy peezy and see ya. Price and range big deal breakers.
  3. Can't find original reservation email

    Wifey says I talk in my sleep, something about 11 28 68 0 30, 11 28 68 0 30 over and over again I think she is just fooling me.
  4. Can't find original reservation email

    Yup, I alreadys gots won o'dem wall co-necktors nailed up on the wall in my garagee 2. Anticipation, is making me waiting. I think there is a song in there somewhere.
  5. Can't find original reservation email

    I have a copy of my reservation email framed and hanging on my office wall. Yea, I'm that guy.
  6. Update from Elon: Cybertruck production starting late 2022 and volume production in 2023

    So in Tesla time, we are looking at maybe the afternoon of December 31st, O.K. I can dig it.
  7. Poll: How many preorders will turn into orders?

    Edit: Insert clueless consumers instead of zombies. Most folks I talk to on the street say "oh, ya, I hear Ford is coming out with an electric pick-up truck" they get fed a constant mush of commercials on the tube so really it's out of their field of vision and are clueless, they are trained...
  8. Poll: How many preorders will turn into orders?

    I may flip my first reservation and take the 2nd one. The demand will be outstanding when they start rolling on the streets and the zombies' "clueless consumers" wake up to what's going on.
  9. Is factory pick-up a no-go for 2 more years?

    Yea, I know, it's all fun and games till you change places in the food chain. ?
  10. Is factory pick-up a no-go for 2 more years?

    Snakes are very much creatures of habit, I too have seen the same Grey Rat Snake in the same location on my property year after year. All I can hope for is that the Copperheads, Moccasins and Rattlesnakes by nature are rather fat and portly, not so the skinny Black Snake, but I always have an...
  11. Is factory pick-up a no-go for 2 more years?

    Funny you mention the Copperhead, once while moving a pile of stacked fire wood with my neighbor and I had the Mrs. several feet off to the side as a protective over watch and not preoccupied with any other task other than watching she called out "snake at 3'clock". I froze, located him...
  12. Is factory pick-up a no-go for 2 more years?

    Next-door neighbor having a consult with chief of security. No "angry birds" allowed around here boss, no sir. Contrary to popular belief gators are very intelligent and learn how to mind their manners in order to earn rewards, kind of like teenagers. He better wash his hands before...
  13. Is factory pick-up a no-go for 2 more years?

    Not sure how we digressed to this level but here's a funny one. So me and a couple of friends many moons ago are on a 3-day kayak trip down the Suwanee River starting at the GA line. Now before we started the trip I was careful to set one particular friend down and explain there would be no...
  14. Is factory pick-up a no-go for 2 more years?

    I agree. I tell my friends that grey hair is a luxury not enjoyed by all, you have to earn it and to wear it proudly for some of my friends never got the chance to be called "cotton top". The Last Of The Mohicans comes to mind.
  15. Is factory pick-up a no-go for 2 more years?

    You are spot on with the aroma left behind, been there and smelt it. BTW for the Pepe Le Pew interaction I recommend: Hydrogen Peroxide, Baking Soda, and a little Dawn dish soap. It works miracles like it never happened. Here's the recipe, first time I had to use it I was amazed on how...
  16. Is factory pick-up a no-go for 2 more years?

    And one of the participants of the episode complained of mosquito bites just as you mentioned and she would have been pleased to find floating in the swamp a pair tighty-whities, not for modesty but for protection. Ouch.
  17. Is factory pick-up a no-go for 2 more years?

    Funny case story on the "no shoulders". Did you see the episode of Naked and Afraid where this couple had to set up camp on a tiny dry spot in a swamp, just a few inches above the waterline, the foraging for food part was easy, they had water moccasins frequenting the area so they had plenty of...