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  1. Tesla to open ~20% of its U.S. Supercharger network to other EV by end of 2024

    The main problem is other EVs take foreve to charge especially when cold. They can only open a few or really create huge congestion at super chargers.
  2. How I want my Cybertruck delivered Semi with Teslas)

    Looks like same truck(XP24262) with a different wrap to me, both color are not glossy like the silver which looks like normal paint with high gloss.
  3. How I want my Cybertruck delivered Semi with Teslas)

    Yes, that’s the rocklin Tesla service center east of sacramento. I was there just a few weeks ago and know the exact spot the semi was parked. That is beyond cool!!! tesla is lowering their cost even on delivery!
  4. Elon Talks Economy, Possible Discounting, Demand Issues, Stock Sales, and TSLA on on Twitter Spaces

    Tesla is the only car company (EV or not) has the capability to pull the “demand” lever! Elon said himself the he is seeing cost going down and if he doesn’t reduce price the margin would be absurd 35% and all the lefties will cry evil rich Elon…..,,oh wait, they are already doing that.
  5. Tesla drivers say they've faced more incidents of road rage since they started driving the electric cars

    Had my M3 for over 3 years and haven't noticed any difference. But admittedly On freeway I don't pay that much attention to the other drivers. I still get a kick out of getting on freeway at my local onramp which is fairly steep up hill. Every time I get someone tailgates me before the ramp I...
  6. Bought TSLA stock today

    Ethics, moral and honesty is what you do when people aren’t looking. Money is merely a vehicle for modern society to function, which includes ethical and unethical things.
  7. Is $TSLA going to 600.00?

    Was hoping for 600 but buckled and bought some at 650. With this market it might go back down to 600 again, in turn I’ll buy again….. but low on cash now lol!
  8. Elon Musk Financial Times Interview (Includes some Cybertruck content)

    Inventory for legacy Dino burners are measured in days on the lot, Tesla days on lot is………ZERO, nothing, zilch, NADA!!!!
  9. Why 2022 April $TSLA sell-off ? Answer: Elon SOLD Tesla shares to help fund Twitter buy.

    I knew Elon was selling just by the volume and Twitter news. Don’t care about prices except I am sad that I’m pretty tapped out buying at the moment. By the time CT comes out I’m sure it will be at least 2500 dollars a share.
  10. Gates shorts $TSLA?

    Stocks go up and then go down just like the sun rises from the east and sets in the west. Granted macro environment isn’t favorable but Tesla will be one of very few shinning spots in a sea of dark red. Whatever you do just try not to buy high and sell low.
  11. $TSLA WOW! DOWN $122.O8 %-12.18!

    There is not real reason Tesla goes down like that, if you got cash then buy a few shares, Q2 could be stupid good. The Wall Street still could not understand how stupid good Q1 is, they simply can not accept Tesla can do what it does even though the data is clear as it can be.
  12. Gates shorts $TSLA?

    Anyone who short Tesla can suck it! Fortunately it will not make any difference because Tesla is simply that amazing. Like the good old saying, bet against Elon at your own peril. Maybe giving money to others in the stock market is Bill’s idea of philanthropy?!?!?
  13. Elon puts in an offer to buy ALL of Twitter. [LOCKED DUE TO POLITICS]

    Personally I doubt they will sell all their shares, twitter will eventually recover from the crash.
  14. Will you sell TSLA shares to pay for your CT?

    I don’t plan on putting down a whole lot as down payment. Most of my money is tied up in TSLA. However I have my other trading account I can do options wheel which generates conservative income as long as stock market isn’t too crazy. It might not always cover my entire payment but a few...
  15. Will you sell TSLA shares to pay for your CT?

    Brilliant idea! Given Tesla shares trajectory it’s would be one expensive CT. I also intend to take a loan and just pay for the payment as they come.
  16. Prominent Tesla Bear Says Shares Could Trade Below $800 in Near-term

    Actually from the numbers Tesla crashed from 1180 down to 700 which is about a 40% drop vs most of the tech stock that are down 70-80% and only recovered somewhat compared to Tesla’s almost full recovery just days ago. so it’s no where near as bad as other growth/tech stock. If it drops to 700...
  17. Prominent Tesla Bear Says Shares Could Trade Below $800 in Near-term

    It is utterly inconceivable Gordon Johnson would admit Tesla stock price is above 90 dollars. What happened to him? Did he bump his head? Is he ok? -concerned Tesla share holder
  18. Giga Berlin full approval

    Scheduled first deliver will be on Tuesday, I suspect the stock price will have a healthy bump this coming week.