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  1. SolarWizard

    Order cancelled by Tesla

    Man thats tough. Change in the place in line could be the source material for one of my favorite movies of all time, Cliffhanger
  2. SolarWizard

    Military Cybertruck Loan Interest

    I took advantage of one of those. My last Gladiator payment autopays next week. I put literally $1 dollar down and got it for $10k below MSRP. People being scared of dealers are so amusing to me
  3. SolarWizard

    Early delivery of Foundation Series Cybertruck now available to long-term verified TSLA shareholder!

    I qualify for this, perhaps, because i have lots of pre orders but they are under an LLC. pushing people back in line for arbitrary bullshit reasons is starting to really grind my gears however. This should have been the very first set of qualifiers ahead of the utube troglodytes and a true...
  4. SolarWizard

    Extended range battery

    It will become an SUV thats accurate but based on what most people in here seem to want to do with them, that’s probably not a deterrent for them
  5. SolarWizard

    Extended range battery

    It will (if it ever comes) hook up above the inverter in the service port above the rear motor. It will not be something people install at home. Imagine the insane liability involved.
  6. SolarWizard

    Used preowned Cybertruck flip on Cargurus for $250K !

    theres already been trucks flipped. can not stop a business from selling all or portions of itself and if that business has cybertrucks well thats just a big oopsie. The amount of crusading that goes on in here on this topic is hilarious
  7. SolarWizard

    Can a third party take delivery of your truck for you if you are out of the country?

    If they allowed this then 3rd party resale would immediately become a free for all
  8. SolarWizard

    Took Delivery of my Cybertruck!!! The truck is AMAZING

    Why is the finish along the edges so weird on most of these trucks?
  9. SolarWizard

    Holy cow! Invite email just arrived. 1/17/24

    I think its gonna be the one that loses the most in value over time
  10. SolarWizard

    My Cybertruck is Delivered Today January 11!! (non-employee) 👍 First Impressions + Photos 📸

    This is a consequence of comments like “micron precision” “toughest truck ever built” and doing stuff like towing cars in a drag race, shooting at it etc. thats basically setting the bar at perfection. Its exacerbated by being $120 - $150k currently considering opportunity cost or interest...
  11. SolarWizard

    What questions remain?

    Gonna be hot AF in late spring to early fall but a mid size crate should work. All the way up against the glass
  12. SolarWizard

    Let’s Talk Finance

    The best Rates will be in the mid 5s in a few months. If thats really a pain point for you the best strategy is to wait
  13. SolarWizard

    Looking for a good interest rate

    Not much better available. Thats only about $5k in interest over 4 years which relative to the purchase price is pretty insignificant. Strongly recommend you use a credit union even its the same though. They understand customer service
  14. SolarWizard

    Just got the email from Tesla, foundation series ready to order

    My people got off work after a half day on Thursday and dont come back till Wednesday. I would hope they at least got Friday off.