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  1. Rivian R1T Refresh (Gen 2) Dethrones CyberBeast? 0-60 in 2.5s

    Looks like DYSON air fans. Can never unsee it.
  2. How many CyberTruck prospective buyers have even driven a Lightning or a Rivian?

    You can just push the button on the right side of the steering wheel, and say things like "Turn on Wipers. Increase wiper speed. Set AC to 65°." And a hundred other commands in the Tesla.
  3. Cybertruck vs F-150 Raptor R: DRAG RACE

    "I'm an internal combustion engine revving up. My best days are behind me, and I'm expensive to fuel, I'm not very fast, but I can still do something an electric can't, listen up!". There was a guy with a super-loud Chevy pickup who would floor his 350 V8 motor back in 1985 and show off his...
  4. Cybertruck vs F-150 Raptor R: DRAG RACE

    Let's see a race up a sand dune, as someone posted videos of a Tesla Y beating a Raptor and 2 Jeeps up a sand dune recently. How does a Beast do against an R up a steep sand dune?
  5. Cybertruck vs. Hummer EV Drag Race 🏁 (by Carwow)

    Hummer engineers did NOT do the math. Much EXTRA weight, terrible handling, terrible suspension, like a tank. More weight means losing range, more expensive, way more expensive, much slower, way slower. Losing in every way.
  6. CyberTruck competitor Chevy Silverado EV looks pretty good

    I had a Dodge pickup in the shop several times in the first year, and a Chevy van in the shop about 15 times in 2 years. Tesla Y in the shop zero times, in 15 months, zero maintenence, no complaints.
  7. Rivian Reverses Price Bump for Pre-orders before March 1

    And they are waiting on the kitchen slotted spoon from China on back order for 6 months due to supply chain issues. ?
  8. Rivian Reverses Price Bump for Pre-orders before March 1

    Looking at the hodgepodge of options Rivian offers, it seems like it would slow down assembly a lot for 17+ options. Poor planning. I priced a Rivian with all options at the upper limit. It is actually $123,590. Not many people will line up for that. Good luck with resale on this Dyson fan...
  9. Rivian Price Bump

  10. Rivian Price Bump

    Maybe short RIVN to get a "free" Tesla
  11. Rivian Price Bump

    Optimization problems of trying to maximize profits to keep the doors open are extremely difficult as Elon said Tesla was merely weeks from bankruptcy when Model 3 was ramping. Rivian is extremely new at this puzzle. The more we raise prices, the more customers disappear, and the more...
  12. Rivian Price Bump

    It looks like Rivian will most likely fail. Buyers backing out by the 1000's. You can't ramp up at too exorbitant prices, with one YouTuber posting a 22.4% increase on what was already a very expensive, non-compelling, meh, pickup. Yes, but what about the headlights, bro? Ever seen a...
  13. Rivian Price Bump

    It's going to be extremely hard to find Rivian buyers at the new prices. They are burning their bridges with the buyers willing to do so at already high prices. I get that they are having difficulty ramping up and getting paid quickly on existing orders, when production pace sucks, and you...
  14. Lightning Dealer Markups

    After $50,000 markup, $895 for windex, $1,000 for fabric treatment, $400 for wheel locks, $400 for window tint, etc, etc, things start to add up quickly. Bought a car 3 years ago that had these ridiculous add-ons. Saleswoman said I can't just tell them you won't pay for them. I said $30 on...
  15. Hate to say Good Bye, feels like we hardly Canoo Ya

    They definitely need to work on company names. Canoo and Faraday Future...
  16. Rivian’s Languorous Manufacturing Pace

    The front end of the Rivian is a deal-breaker for me with the ? nerdy eyeglasses look. Then, it finishes with the metro Honda Ridgeline look throughout. NOT for $90k. Maybe 30k.
  17. Why I'm Getting The F150 Lightning

    Zenny said: "Some won’t need or ever use 4wd anyway." I watched a guy in a Dodge pickup spin his one wheel (no traction control) from a stoplight 3 times to slowly get started in the rain a few months back. The 4th time hooked up under very limited throttle, just to get moving. If a car was...
  18. Velociraptor VS CyberTruck

    2020 Raptors in the Denver area were shown on a YouTube video posted by "The Fast Lane Truck" channel today to be marked up to $111,000. Unbelievable! ?
  19. Lordstown missing details on Endurance despite saying they're shipping early 2021

    I used to drive an El Camino from the 70's that couldn't even handle its own weight over any bump. HARD clunk! Payload zero. Towing capacity: maybe a jet ski. But people thought it was tough 40 years ago because "It had a 350!!" Was not fast at all and burned a lot of gas to prove it.
  20. Lordstown missing details on Endurance despite saying they're shipping early 2021

    CT can handle 3,500 lb payload in all 3 configurations, due to beefy suspension, but towing is 7K, 10K and 14K due to pulling capacity.