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  1. Fleetwood75

    Phone Overheating in Sun

    Not sure if anybody else has had this issue, but the placement of the phone holder is directly underneath the top of the windshield, so mid-day when the sun is right above it is beaming right down at my phone screen and causing my phone to overheat similar to how leaving your phone face up at...
  2. Fleetwood75

    Towing Height

    In the owners manual it recommends towing at Low height, but I tow my camper on dirt roads and I’m worried that Low could be too low on rutted out roads with pot holes. The manual also said that in tow mode that the truck will hold at medium or low. I haven’t towed yet but I’m curious if any of...
  3. Fleetwood75

    Does Under-Bed Storage Get Wet?

    The gear locker. The smuggler’s bay. If I put stuff in there and the bed gets rained on or if I’m hosing off the bed, will that stuff get wet? I plan to store my boots and hard hat in there but if they’ll get wet then I’ll want to put it in a waterproof duffel bag or something…
  4. Fleetwood75

    Me when I finally get my Cybertruck

    Fuel is for lesser men
  5. Fleetwood75

    Anybody Ordered the Tesla Satin Clear Paint Film Wrap PPF?

    I am considering ordering the Satin Clear Wrap for my truck. Ideally it would be nice if they could apply it prior to delivery but I suspect I'll need to take delivery in Irvine first, then take it to Costa Mesa to do the wrapping. I love the stainless steel look but would like protection...
  6. Fleetwood75

    February Orders Waiting Room

    Anybody got a VIN yet? LOL!
  7. Fleetwood75

    Foundation Series Invitation Poll (Feb 2024)

    I'm curious to know how many U.S. reservation holders who are awaiting a Foundation Series Invitation have been passed over. Note that I don't care whether you've accepted the invitation or not, just whether you got one.
  8. Fleetwood75

    Unpopular Opinion: Willing to Pay More

    I know a lot of people on here feel that the Foundation Series is a rip-off, but I'd actually be willing to pay $109,990 for an AWD Foundation Series if they threw in the light bar and the $4k PowerShare installation credit that the FS Cyberbeast gets, and if they could guarantee delivery by the...
  9. Fleetwood75

    Any Interest in a Cyber-Suburban or Cyber-Van?

    Not sure if I'm the only one on here who doesn't particularly need a "pickup truck" but I do want something with the following features: Decent overlanding off-road performance (ground clearance, 4WD, etc) Lots of cargo space 3 rows of seating Comparable towing ability to the Cybertruck The...
  10. Fleetwood75

    Cybertruck XL - who would want one?

    Who wants it? It's otherwise the exact same truck but stretched 2 feet in the bed to give a full 8 foot bed. The rear wheels turn at a greater angle to help offset maneuverability issues. It has 2 extra feet of battery pack to extend the range somewhat, while at the same time having negligible...
  11. Fleetwood75

    Cooler for Under Bed

    Would be really cool (pun intended) if somebody made a molded insulated cooler that fit perfectly in the under-bed compartment. I get that it’s drainable but with no insulation any ice that I put in there would melt pretty fast. Would be pretty awesome to be able to store cold drinks there for...
  12. Fleetwood75

    Will a Second Round of Foundation Edition E-Mails go out on 12/15?

    On 12/8 a batch of Foundation Edition order invites went out, and by now those lucky recipients have had a week to order or ignore it. Do you think additional invites will go out tomorrow to the next lucky batch of early reservation holders?
  13. Fleetwood75

    Cancel Your Reservations Everybody

    So that mine ends up in the front of the line, I’m ready to buy 🤣
  14. Fleetwood75

    Cybertruck HD 6x6

    I'm hoping that someday Tesla will offer a "Heavy Duty" version of the Cybertruck that is set up to handle 5th wheel towing. Dually wheels would add a lot of wind drag but you could spread the load out over two axles with a 6x6 arrangement like the Hennessey Velociraptor (shown below). A...
  15. Fleetwood75

    Dogs in the Vault

    Is anybody else planning on putting their dogs in the vault? My concern is that if there is no removable or roll-down rear window then I have no way to get heating and/or cooling to the vault, and to hear the dogs if they're distressed or anything. I have two Boxers and my hope was to let them...