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  1. Midgate a No-Go (Assuming Tonneau Patent)?

    I’ll probably end up leaving the cover open since it will make a lot of noise for my neighbors.
  2. What backup sound do you want your Cybertruck to make?

    I prefer to have a reversing accident without drawing attention to any witnesses around.
  3. How big do you WANT the Cybetruck to be?

    Since I won’t be buying gasoline to fuel the Cybertruck, I don’t care how large it is.
  4. Windshield Wiper Ideas - Let's Help Tesla!

    😊We could mount a Golden Retriever dog to the windshield and have his wagging tail clean off the dust.
  5. I ordered a SIX seater, not FIVE seats

    😊And we should be curious to know how many dogs are currently named “Tesla” in your neighborhood.🐶
  6. 48v Battery for Cybertruck!

    😊But, time is money! We should be using what we already have in inventory.
  7. I ordered a SIX seater, not FIVE seats

    A much more important question is how many dogs will the Cybertruck be able to carry?
  8. Tesla taking Cybertruck pre-orders in Mexico and Canada again

    ISIS prefers the old Toyota pickup trucks with the 22R engine. Diehard to the maximum!
  9. 48v Battery for Cybertruck!

    Most of the aftermarket accessories are based on a 12 volt system. Nobody is going to make a 48 volt aftermarket accessories because there is no demand for it.
  10. Do you think the bed width is...

    The size of a pickup truck’s bed is based on the ability to carry a full sheet of plywood.
  11. And this is why the Cybertruck will be the better truck, safety.

    How can the Cybertruck be the best when it is not available?
  12. Video: Tonneau cover closing on Cybertruck Beta!

    Tonneau cover will be the first place that will break on a pickup truck. Looks flimsy to begin with. Compounded with the cheap plastic to keep the price low. This applies to all pickup trucks.
  13. Stainless Steel is cool

    Since I don’t own a Tesla, I can do nothing but learn from other Tesla owners.
  14. Stainless Steel is cool

    😊Stainless steel suspension would drive the cost of the Cybertruck beyond our limits.