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  1. TESLA CyberTruck Wind Tunnel Testing - SHOCKING Results (w/ Cd figures measured)

    Fantastic information, much appreciated. However it’s really not all that shocking or it’s along the line of what we thought.
  2. Matte Black Cybertruck Finally Appears!! 😱 Driven by Franz Von Holzhausen

    Cool but I’ll stick with stainless. If anything that digital camo would be my second choice.
  3. 350 mile range Quad Motor rumored to be 1st trim launched

    why not make 350 miles LFP with dual motors? I'll be down for that.
  4. 40,000 Production this year prediction

    No one has a working crystal ball, not even Elon. It will get here when it gets here. It’s all good, my M3 is doing just fine and I’m high on hopium and you can’t make me quit!
  5. 40,000 Production this year prediction

    I certainly hope they can ramp up to 40k in first 12 calendar year, let's hope the reduced complexity will mean ramp up will be quicker. The MY ramp has been interesting to watch and with 4860 ramp making good progress there is a glimmer of hope I can get mine within next 12 months. Obviously I...
  6. Cybertruck stainless changing to Aluminum?????

    Bait and switch!!! Elon is every bit of liar meanstream medias said he is!!!
  7. Tesla Q1 2023 Earnings Report; Cybertruck Status Maintains "Tooling" Status, Pilot Production Line Photos Shown! 📸

    I’m smart enough to know that I don’t know, given Tesla track records I’m sure it will be the safest vehicle on the road and extremely utilitarian. I can’t wait for mine even if it is only using SS to avoid paint. Glass roof is part of structure and provides significant structure strength...
  8. Cybertruck spotted with frunk open, revealing waterfall design!

    That would be so sick if the winch is hidden under the floor panel of the frunk!!!
  9. Drag Race Video: Cybertruck vs. Semi!

    Just like Harley their mopar fan base are dying off. Rest of us are zero interest in “high performance” noise making machine that is target for stealing/carjacking, crappy handling, unreliable and did I mention stupid noisy so neighbors and my own ear drums get upset. Doge can’t die fast enough...
  10. Drag Race Video: Cybertruck vs. Semi!

    That's cute, how much money Doge is spending to beat a 4 door family luxury car? Semi vs CT video looks like a parade for sure.
  11. Official Cybertruck Accessory store is live!! Includes: Tailgate ramp, Basecamp, wrap, franz ball decal and more

    It is announced all accessories in CT will be 48v so what's the big deal to add a dumb compressor and winch? Both are just big electric motors which Tesla seems to be pretty good at. THEN Tesla doesn't do the normal packaging because they don't need to make a packaging that will fit as many...
  12. Official Cybertruck Accessory store is live!! Includes: Tailgate ramp, Basecamp, wrap, franz ball decal and more

    With CT on 48v system they have to produce all the accessories like winch and compressor, everyone else only have 12v accessories.