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  1. Sadly the FUD is winning.

    MSM is signaling code for people who want others to know that they get their news from the WNM (wing nut media) instead.
  2. Cybertruck V2 Range 500-640 Confirmed Possible - Battery Compartment Space

    One thing for sure: reaction on X and on this thread confirms that even big Tesla / CT fans (me included fwiw) overwhelmingly agree Tesla shortchanged the range on CT! The $100k+ price tag for it is just salt in the proverbial wound. I hope Elon is taking note.
  3. Kardashian Series Cybertruck

    Sorry folks, but there is no going back... Cybertruck is now and forever the "carpool mom" truck. The biggest "influencer" on the planet says so, it must be true. CT is the perfect vehicle to take a quick jaunt down to Anastasia Beverly Hills for a quick eyebrow treatment. Fortunately, the Tesla...
  4. Affordability

    The "affordability" question is deeply subjective. Grumpy Frugal Dad view: If you have to borrow money to buy a depreciating asset you cannot afford to buy anything more than the minimum required to deliver the functionality you need. Dave Ramsey View: total value of all your vehicles...
  5. Getting cold feet. Vin Assigned, pickup anyday. What to do?

    My 2 cents: I cancelled two weeks ago, lost the $250, and got booted out of the queue permanently. I regret losing the spot in line and likely getting deferred for a couple years, but do not regret giving up the FS. Too many compromises on stuff that I care about. I am looking at an R1T DM at...
  6. Dear Elon!

    I hate to state the obvious, but most of what you want is available in a competing pickup from Detroit coming sooooon.
  7. 💥Features NOT available OR limited💥

    FSD Beta on HW4 is out and operational and has been since September. We've been driving FSD on an HW4 Model S for four months now.
  8. 💥Features NOT available OR limited💥

    Thank you for the sentiment! We did not have a second res and we're moving on (wife is seriously annoyed about it). We are not going to be cybertruckers :cry:. I would have - no question - bought a CT if they had let us simply cancel the FS and return to the "normal" queue and wait until there...
  9. 💥Features NOT available OR limited💥

    Yes that is correct. Lost deposit $250 and place in line. Me and wife super sad about this as we were looking forward to the CT and this would have been our fourth Tesla (!) but the current CT specs do not meet my road trip needs and I cannot justify spending $100k on a vehicle that does not hit...
  10. Foundation Series Remorse

    I had the same concerns and tried to pull out of the FS but was told by Tesla that it was either cancel and lose the down payment and place in line or buy the FS. (I cancelled altogether which made me very sad but so it goes.) Another person posted on here that Tesla told him he could just not...
  11. Haters gonna hate… [LOCKED DUE TO POLITICS]

    haters gonna hate --> lovers get heartbroken. The internet hath no fury like a Cybertruck fanboi being let down. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. Tesla lowers range estimate on Model S, X and Y (due to new EPA calculations)

    Posted elsewhere but worth re-posting. Good explanation of EPA calculation methodology. Also understanding of why Tesla's use of 5 cycle rather than the standard 70% can give more optimistic numbers...
  13. Noisy / vibrations on highway?

    Kyle drives a Rivian R1T and a Lightning as his daily drivers.
  14. Full Cybertruck review by Out of Spec Kyle: Service Mode, Wiper, Powertrain, & Much More

    Unfortunately, if the charge curve is crap, it is a deal killer for me. It sounded pretty ominous. Let's hope...
  15. Full Cybertruck review by Out of Spec Kyle: Service Mode, Wiper, Powertrain, & Much More

    My favorite line: "this is one of those vehicles where you spend $100,000 on a sound system and it also comes with a truck." He loves the sound system quality. funny.
  16. How much is FSD worth on a CT?

    If one is buying FSD for the economic payback associated with ride-sharing, you have to assume it is worth zero in any Tesla. That said, I think you would find that only a vanishingly small number of current CT buyers would ever consider this. I would never rent out my vehicle for drunk college...
  17. These people better get used to the Cybertruck and stop hating on it because there are going to be Millions of us some day!

    Put a Cybertruck photo, get an extra few 100k clicks. They do not really hate it, they just love clicks.
  18. Efficiency report: 76 kWh over 190 miles (402Wh/mi) on highway in Cybertruck dual-motor AWD

    Just checking back in at end of day. Very nice to see some positive news! Wagging my finger at some of you with the admonition that you should not do any more posts involving arithmetic without a calculator handy and someone to double-check your work FGS.