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  1. myco.rrhizae

    Configurations and Pricing Removed From Cybertruck Website!

    the most significant part is the removal of the fsd option at current price. bye bye $100 robotaxi arbitrage option
  2. myco.rrhizae

    Pros/Cons of buying a CT (mostly fiscally related)

    I suspect there is an interesting economic advantage of the screen here. My suspicion is that screens are both cheaper and more durable than physical buttons. can anyone more knowledgeable confirm or deny this? Buttons and knobs have all sorts of moving parts and even require some proper r&d...
  3. myco.rrhizae

    Cybertruck’s updated origami-style windshield and glass dashboard teased in patent

    this shines a bit of light on the question about the differences between the original teaser pics and the prototype and how the sort of faceted hood in the teasers would interact with a flat windshield or if the windshield was also faceted st that point in the design
  4. myco.rrhizae

    304 stainless steel piece received. Taking partial delivery of Cybertruck/ Mobsters are threatening to return Cybertruck piece by piece

    Keep in mind that ct steel will be cold rolled, which is a much higher quality steel. note the difference between the rule on a starret combination sqaure vs your standard, cheaper combo square rule
  5. myco.rrhizae

    Rumor: Cybertruck (Not Model Y) Will Kick Off Production at Gigafactory Texas & Use Structural Battery Pack w/ 4680 Battery Cells

    so.... we have already seen the rear body castings being produced for Y.... which means that production has already been kicked off with the Y, not CT. Even if those castings are just test articles, the same will be necessary for CT once its gigapress is running.
  6. myco.rrhizae

    Anyone else concerned about fog without radar?

    I dont have radar on my vehicles, and I'm not concerned about fog.
  7. myco.rrhizae

    Samsung and Tesla sign deal for Cybertruck rearview mirrors / cameras

    this is an interesting effect of optical mirrors ~ when you look through a mirror at an object, the effective distance that your eyes need to focus at is the distance from your eyes to the mirror plus the distance from the mirror to the object. Try looking at distant object in a mirror and then...
  8. myco.rrhizae

    What is this in the CyberTruck bed?

    I can clearly see the bed floor compartment seam. def original prototype, imo.
  9. myco.rrhizae

    What is this in the CyberTruck bed?

    oh man im so excited to see production intent ct. the prototype is cool but it was obviously just thrown together in the last week and a half before the reveal.
  10. myco.rrhizae

    First look at the Cybertruck’s 8,000-ton Giga Press!

    oh yes ~ "will be used for pickup trucks, full electric lightweight goods vehicles and SUVs" good to hear that Tesla has got the cyber van and a full size SUV built on the cybertruck platform in the pupeline! think they'll reveal them along side the production intent CT??
  11. myco.rrhizae

    Giga Texas - The 8th Wonder of the World

    *not an engineer* but my understanding is that both types of structures involve steel for its sheer and tension value while certain portions are steel reinforced concrete, which has higher compression value and fire tolerance, so for areas with foundries and gantry cranes, etc. but its more...
  12. myco.rrhizae

    Elon Musk Was Just in the Studio and Says Final Cybertruck Design is Looking ?

    Love that an entire article is written on the basis of one emoji tweeted by elon.