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  1. Fleetwood75

    Rear Bumper Protectors (by BestEvMod&EVvida) - Stainless Steel Version : installed photos & review

    It was just a grippy matte rubber with 3M double sided tape on the backside. It instantly got stained by soap when I washed the truck and I concluded that it looked worse than a scratched bumper would
  2. Fleetwood75

    When Will Foundation Series End?

    Nobody knows for sure, but my guess is that they'll offer every single reservation a Foundation Series, up to and including reservations being placed today, and once they exhaust that list they'll end it and go back to the earliest reservations (November 2019) who didn't order a FS and start...
  3. Fleetwood75

    Rear Bumper Protectors (by BestEvMod&EVvida) - Stainless Steel Version : installed photos & review

    Looks nice! I bought the official Tesla ones and they were godawful. I peeled them off and tossed them a day after installing them
  4. Fleetwood75

    Phone Overheating in Sun

    Yeah, come to think of it I had this problem in my 2017 Yukon which had a wireless charger on the console armrest surface, and it was directly below the sunroof. At least with the sunroof there was a shade to pull closed, but no such option with the CT windshield
  5. Fleetwood75

    Phone Overheating in Sun

    Not sure if anybody else has had this issue, but the placement of the phone holder is directly underneath the top of the windshield, so mid-day when the sun is right above it is beaming right down at my phone screen and causing my phone to overheat similar to how leaving your phone face up at...
  6. Fleetwood75

    Cybertruck range while towing is HORRIBLE!

    This is why I pre-ordered the range extender. Haven't heard any updates on it though
  7. Fleetwood75

    Foundation CT tax credit ?

    Just tell your tax accountant when you go to file your 2024 taxes early next year
  8. Fleetwood75

    Foundation CT tax credit ?

    My company purchased my Cybertruck and I have commercial auto insurance. For tax purposes I am saying that the truck is used for 70% business, 30% personal use, so I'm getting pro-rated on various tax deductions. I've read that if you say that a vehicle is 100% for business use that's a huge red...
  9. Fleetwood75

    Towing Height

    Okay thanks for that tip! I wonder why the documentation says low. When I force the truck into medium I measured 18.5” from ground to inside top of hitch receiver, does that jive with what you’re seeing?
  10. Fleetwood75

    Towing Height

    In the owners manual it recommends towing at Low height, but I tow my camper on dirt roads and I’m worried that Low could be too low on rutted out roads with pot holes. The manual also said that in tow mode that the truck will hold at medium or low. I haven’t towed yet but I’m curious if any of...
  11. Fleetwood75

    Protectaclear by Everbrite Worked Amazing!

    Just had mine coated in ProtectaClear by professionals, it turned out great! Think of stainless steel elevator doors or elevator button panels at like a hospital or hotel. You know how they have that laquered, slightly glossy finish? It's basically that. In fact it's literally that, the guys who...
  12. Fleetwood75

    CyberTruck is TERRIBLE for Costco Runs! Prove Me Wrong!

    Mine passed the Costco test with flying colors! This is $1000 worth of groceries
  13. Fleetwood75

    Tesla changed the Powershare benefit for FS CT orders - from $4000 credit to $2500 voucher

    Probably the case. I just had a PowerShare install last week and they charged $4100 for six hours of labor and materials which was just like 50 feet of wire and conduit. Seemed excessive but not like I had the option to shop it around
  14. Fleetwood75

    Actual risk to charge everyday at 100%?

    Meh. I split the difference and I charge to 90% every night at home
  15. Fleetwood75

    Everbrite ProtectaClear Fail

    Same here, I've got professionals coming to do mine on Tuesday
  16. Fleetwood75

    Everbrite ProtectaClear Fail

    I suppose Everbrite could buy one truck and just strip it back to bare metal in between trainings
  17. Fleetwood75

    Took the angles camping and towed Taxa Cricket pop-up trailer w/ Cybertruck

    Finally somebody towing a small pop-up! I have a more traditional pop-up-camper and have yet to do a range test, but all of the other towing videos are for big trailers with big wind profiles so it's been hard to predict the range loss for my own camper. I'm still planning to get the Range...
  18. Fleetwood75

    Anyone applied the Protectaclear successfully?

    You missed the third kind, which is people who are willing to pay professionals to apply it. I'm not the kind of guy to try to wrap my own car in PPF, why would I try to apply this coating myself? If you want the best results, hire somebody who does this for a living
  19. Fleetwood75

    Anyone applied the Protectaclear successfully?

    I'm terrible at that sort of thing, I'm not a DIY'er. It'll still end up being less than half the cost of PPF. Seems worth it to me