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  1. Cyberjam

    This Is A Job for Cybertruck!

    I just read this article. Is there a Cybertruck or two in Arizona that can bail this guy out?
  2. Cyberjam

    Public REACTIONS To Your Cybertruck ?

    And they told me this vehicle doesn't have gas!!!
  3. Cyberjam

    Just had the CT coated w/ ProtectaClear SoCal

    Yup. The rest of that post, I just wanted people who are still deciding to have the info. Final verdict is that it's all in what you would prefer.
  4. Cyberjam

    Is TSLA b-sing me? 🤣

    Yeah, I hear that. My AWD has been perfect in every way, and I can't stop finding reasons to drive it. "Is that dogwood tree still blooming on the town green, honey? I'm just going to drive down there and check..." It IS a spaceship. I believe this truck is well suited to explore any planet that...
  5. Cyberjam

    Connecticut Cybertrucks?

    I waited 15 days from VIN to delivery, which was on May 5. It may be moving quicker now. Have you ever been contacted by text from your Tesla Advisor? I correspond with them that way or through the messaging function on the Tesla app, and responses could come either way regardless of which...
  6. Cyberjam


    I used to drive my car on gas when I drove it around. The price kept going up and up when I drove into town. But now I am so happy that my truck's so freakin' large. I have a shiny Cybertruck right there in my garage!!!!!
  7. Cyberjam

    January Orders

    Yes. Most people I have heard from, both on the forum and in conversation, don't think paying for the vehicle before delivery is a good idea. Some have done so thinking that paying upfront would lead to a faster delivery, only to find that, well, that didn't happen. "ABC," they say in the car...
  8. Cyberjam

    January Orders

    That's gutsy. You probably won't liquidate $100,000 worth of stock two months too soon either, like so many of us have done! :LOL:
  9. Cyberjam

    Connecticut Cybertrucks?

    An Owners Dinner. I like it. Maybe annually on the date of the Cybertruck unveiling event. My vote is for Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletano. They have 8 locations spread across Connecticut and a 9th soon in Stamford.
  10. Cyberjam

    Connecticut Cybertrucks?

    Sleep well. Tomorrow you ride the light.
  11. Cyberjam

    Connecticut Cybertrucks?

    When I scheduled pickup on 5/5 I was told Mohegan Sun was not ready to deliver Cybertrucks, so I had to go to Mt. Kisco, NY to get mine. Since then I heard they started to deliver at Mohegan Sun, but I have no confirmation of that. Mt. Kisco did a great job with my delivery, and my vehicle has...
  12. Cyberjam

    Propose New Cybertruck Accessories and Updates

    Here's something: how about the ability to sample the voice of your spouse or contact so the truck can read you their texts in their own voice? Maybe call it DVS, "Deepfake Voice Sampling." Heck, Apple could put it on iPhones.
  13. Cyberjam

    Propose New Cybertruck Accessories and Updates

    Now that we have our Cybertrucks (more owners every day) what new accessories and updates would you like to see?
  14. Cyberjam

    Connecticut Cybertrucks?

    Maybe it was waiting for someone who couldn't get their financing together. There's also the possibility that lower-numbered VINs will be more valuable to collectors going forward. This probably is nothing to increase your anxiety about. Maybe a blessing in disguise. The long wait has certainly...
  15. Cyberjam

    Connecticut Cybertrucks?

    Fantastic! Both of you, Nicole and Marc, I hope you have a list of places to go and people to see, 'cause you will not want to stop driving your amazing cybertrucks. I hope I meet you in our travels. Connecticut isn't that big.
  16. Cyberjam

    Cybertruck OWNERS List & Stats [Add Yours]! ✍🏻

    Thank you. I would like to amend my profile info but it seems I need your help. I have been unable to edit the note under "Vehicles" and I would like to remove the word "(awaiting)" that is currently listed next to FS AWD. Thanks.
  17. Cyberjam

    Cleaning - BKF not working -scrub harder?

    Hi, Crissa. I appreciate your insights into the stainless steel finish. I have had great success removing fingermarks by using a spray bottle with water, adding about 10% white vinegar, and then wiping it up with a paper towel. No streaks. To the extent you would know, could this solution harm...