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  1. azjohn

    Tesla Inductive Charging Pad (wireless) is in development!

    I wonder what he energy loss would be of a wireless pad vs a wired connection
  2. azjohn

    Are you planning on buying the starlink mount?

    I have Starlink you would get the “roam” version and be able to use it when stopped. I would assume it’s best case scenario is if you are camping and you need internet. There is a version for boats and planes but is very expensive
  3. azjohn

    RBC analyst predicts 20% reservation conversion rate

    Agree with your comment about battery production. Elon was expecting much better energy density with the 2170 they ended up being worse. Getting the cell energy up to 400 would be great that will probably need a different chemistry
  4. azjohn

    Prediction: A slew of CT cancellations on the horizon

    Whether or not there was a bait and switch the pricing is inline with the competition regardless if you like them or not. At the release event back in 2019 people were not just shocked with the CT as a vehicle but the pricing also especially when you considered how much a Model S or X is. I was...
  5. azjohn

    Prediction: A slew of CT cancellations on the horizon

    I know there are a lot of disappointed with price increase but the dual motor is inline with a Rivian R1T and Ford Lightning. The Tri motor compares to any premium truck. A Ford Platinum F250 with Powerstroke will cost over $100k and TRX around $120k
  6. azjohn

    265 mi range at 90% shown in demo Cybertruck driven by Marques Brownlee MKBHD

    Take it with a grain of salt it wouldn’t be the 1st time this guy has been wrong about an EV
  7. azjohn

    Report: Cybertruck official factory wrap service launches w/in 6 months of first deliveries, at $8-12k price

    I am thinking about going with Line X Ultra which is a paint alternative that is popular with the off roading community especially Jeeps
  8. azjohn

    Will You Wrap Your Cybertruck?

    There has been some talk of companies offering a DIY wrap kit, with all of the flat areas of the CT I would guess it wouldn’t be too difficult. IMO be patient and not be in a hurry
  9. azjohn

    Will You Wrap Your Cybertruck?

    I have a SS upright tool box I know 1st hand how it will look getting oil and grease on it. I am thinking of Line X Ultra which is thinner than the truck bed spray that is marketed as a paint alternative it is popular in the Jeep community
  10. azjohn

    Cybertruck Tire Prices

    I was expecting $400-500 for a 285/65/20 AT tire. I am a Toyo guy I got 100k miles from a set of Toyo ATII tires that I rotated every 5k miles
  11. azjohn

    Telo EV Pickup Truck -- a good option for Crissa

    $152 is an odd amount, did they charge you a fee for processing?
  12. azjohn

    Cybertruck tow testing during winter tests? Trailer spotted

    That’s not much weight when TFL Truck has tested towing capacity they use one of the large IBCs full of water in a covered trailer which is about 5k lbs
  13. azjohn

    How do you like the frunk size

    Looks pretty small to me
  14. azjohn

    Fisker Alaska EV truck unveil

    Fisker sounds too good to be true
  15. azjohn

    Fisker Alaska EV truck unveil

    The pricing on all the vehicles are very competitive vs the competition it will be interesting if the pricing remains. Nothing was said if Fisker will be using NACS which IMO is a must
  16. azjohn

    New dark digital camo + tinted Cybertruck appears on the 280 in CA! 🤳

    So far this has been my favorite camo looks good with the black trim and wheels. Still thinking about Line X Ultra
  17. azjohn

    Where will Tesla get 4680 batteries for the CyberTruck in 2024?

    Funny that you compare Costco with their rotisserie chicken to Tesla, Costco uses Tesla’s business model of vertical integration. Costco owns their own poultry farm in Nebraska for the sole reason for the rotisserie chickens. Everybody thinks they lose money on the rotisserie chickens I am not...
  18. azjohn

    Tesla-powered electric Humvee goes on sale for almost $100,000

    The H1s handle like a horse drawn wagon with a top speed around 60 mph, my biggest gripe were the seats they were narrow and as hard as church pews. Since the transmission is raised for ground clearance it drastically cut into the space for the passengers in the front at least the truck looks cool