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  1. Where to tint CT in Fort Lauderdale

    @lessbanking who did you use in Miami?
  2. South Florida Orders

    I was never able to get a firm answer when they got the vehicle but it seemed to be 7 or 8 days from the time they got it to until they contacted me for delivery. I ended up having to delay delivery a few days because I was out of town when they wanted to do it. My delay also caused me to have...
  3. South Florida Orders

    I had the same experience as @CyberMB last Tuesday for delivery. Alec called me to tell me he would drop it off at my house in the evening. I couldn't wait and said I'd come to the Miami Gardens service center, so went right over there. He said they will do either type of delivery - some...
  4. Florida deliveries

    My delivery is scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 20 in South Florida. I know the Miami Gardens Center did a delivery yesterday.
  5. South Florida Orders

    If anyone in the South Florida area wants to track our orders separately rather than constantly checking the master order tracking list (Cybertruck SUBMITTED ORDERS Tracking List & Stats), thought we could post here. Ordered 12/19/23 FS AWD Est. Delivery Jan-Mar 2024 Western Broward County